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  • Signatures

    Could the boards be modded to allow signatures specified in user profiles, and an option to turn them all off when viewing?

    I ask this because I find them annoying, and the option for each user to turn them off would be great. For instance, look at all the technicolour vomit people put under their posts here. Once you sign up though, you can turn off sigs, meaning that you don't have to bask in the light of lengthy quotes and large, garish sig pictures that merely proclaim the name of their owner in a way that clashes with the forum colour scheme, etc.

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    Btw your link is dead.


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      Are the signatures that bad on this site?...

      They rox0r here!


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        sorry if my sig annoys you
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          Yeah , fixxxie, your sig is a TAD large....
          Garlisk's Fantasy Art Gallery


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            I agree. I hate some of those stupid signatures, just taking up space and bandwidth. FYI, something's on the steps...

            Oh, and Fixxxer: You don't *have* to use 10 lines in the signature, do you?


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              Text beats the hell outta graphic sigs. The worst sig here is the best sig on graphic sig forums.
              "Garlisk's got a lov-el-y bunch of coconuts."


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                I don't have problems with any signatures personally, but I could understand why other people don't like them. An option to turn off signatures would be ok, if it could be done.

                As an addition, I would also like it if we were able to include (limited size) images in our signatures. Say 200x600 ish. Offcourse, there would be a second option to disable only the images in signatures (I've seen this done in other forums, so I know it's possible) while preserving text.


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                  NO IMAGE SIGNATURS!!!!!"!!!

                  Nuf said.

                  What the hell is the point of them, other then being extremly annoying to watch over and over again?


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                    Bandwidth aside, even a hundred 2kB images would strain a low- to mid-powered computer and browser as it decoded, allocated, and displayed all the images, shuffling around and resizing a complicated table. Even this board takes my office computer (1.5GHz 256MB RAM) 3-6 seconds to correctly display a long thread. Graphic sigs would probably double that time.
                    "Garlisk's got a lov-el-y bunch of coconuts."


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                      You'd have the option to disable all images.

                      Geez, just because you hate personalisation doesn't mean we have to share in your crusade against it. This is basically:

                      "I want this!"

                      "Oh that's okay, but then I want this"

                      "NO FUCKING WAY"



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                        Yeah, sorry; though it was FixXxer's sig that sparked the thought, I wasn't having a dig at anyone in particular here and should have clarified that.

                        None of the sigs here are too bad, mostly because of they don't allow images. Personally though, I find forums much more pleasurable and easier to read if I can do it without sigs. I'm more interested in what people have to say than what they happen to identify with or how they choose to advertise themselves (like products of some kind... )

                        Beyond Unreal is currently working but slow here; it's a good example of image laden sigs.


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                          I think the Avatar is more then enough to "advertise" yourself.
                          The Sig pictures are normally half the space of any post made, if not more....
                          And frankly, after having watched the sig image one you just get annoyed by every additional post made with it. Go ahead, link to a picture in your sig... People might watch it one time, but forcing people to watch it over and over again is just plain stupid.


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                            This anime board I visit allows people to use 150x600 images in their signatures. Note that overall, their signatures don't use up more space than the text signatures we have here.

                            And I'm only suggesting allowing images if there'd be a way for anti-graphic people to turn them off. Meaning you're not forced to view the forums with signature images.

                            I'm sure alot of people would like the adition of using signature images, and the people who don't like them? Well they can turn them off.

                            So basically, you're opinion is void seeing as nothing would change for you. You're just spoiling the fun (or whatever you call it) for those who do like signature images, and would like to see them on the boards. Telling them to shut up and live with it, becausxe you don't like them, and neither should they.


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                              Sorry, but i still dont see the point in adding them.
                              What do they contribute to a post that you cant do on this board already?

                              And i've yet to see the lot of people that would be interested in this feature...