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  • UT2004 support / tech questions

    for all of you UT2004 owners, not demo players, do you have a problem with the server browser like i do? i get a list of hundreds of servers, but only about 10 or so ever get pinged. i try to connect, and they say "server has older version of UT". what? what is this? are there less servers open for the retail than the demo? wtf? is it my router bullshit? is anyone else getting this?

    also, has anyone else found that the retail servers are FAR laggier than the demo ones?

    what is wrong with this game? im enjoying the demo more than the full version!
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    Simply open up UT2004, and go to the Settings menu. Scroll over to the Game tab, and under the Misc toolbar there should be an option called "Load all Player Skins." Disable this, and your loading times should decrease significantly because UT2004 no longer has to preload all of the skins and models every time a map is starting.