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Rap sucks!!! (so does punk rock)

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  • Rap sucks!!! (so does punk rock)

    Has anyone noticed that EDIT:MOST MAINSTREAM rap is, is a bunch of people with bad voices, singing to a terrible beat about how much they want to kill their girlfriend, or another rapper.... Also that eminem music is just some whiny bullshiat about how he wants to kill everyone, especially his momma..... Snoop dog always talks about how he wants to fasiszle your bizzle and all little john has to say is what Yeeaaahh and ooookkaaayyy.

    Now, to EDIT:MOST MAINSTREAM punk rock.
    1. The very first line makes no since.
    2.The guitarist, plays eminor, e major, e minor, e major, Over and over and over again.
    3.All they talk about is hating their parents, doing drugs, Being an assole and reject ect.

    IE: I left my parents by the stairs, i didnt think they would care..... I HATE my parents. They beat me, not really, they love me and buy me everything because im spoiled... But i still hate them.... The rich and famous should dieee. not including me. I hate highschool. I hate my siblings, HELL-DAMN, i do druuuuggggssss i must be cool because noone likes me and i can say a cussword and i dont know how to rhyme and i smookke potttt but i dont really but i told you that because i just want you to think im coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.....

    A piece written by bulletstopper himself....
    Thank you, Thank you.
    In conclusion... Classic rock is the shiat
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    Dude, you evidently havent listened to very much punk rock or rap. Now, most rap is shit, IMO, but there are several good rappers out there. And punk is great too, I've found more that I like than I dislike.

    The problem with you, I see, is that you are too close-minded.

    Me? I LOVE classic rock but then I can turn around and listen to hard core right afterwards. Open your mind.
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      Yes sensei, i will try to be more open concienced...... LoL! bah im just giving my opinion of the majority... not saying its all bad....
      If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe - Carl Sagan


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        I've got to agree with Bulletstopper here.

        Artistically, Rap and Punk rock just don't do it for me. I don't see any of them doing anything skill-wise that someone couldn't do with a week of training.

        Say what you will about exceptions, there are exceptions to everything.
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          Boy was that useless. Ever came to your mind that people may actually enjoy rap for non main-streaming reasons? Maybe those people like the beat, the way rap flows through the song.
          Just because you don't like the singers, it doesn't mean it's automatically shit. No, I'm not flaming you, just telling you that you shouldn't say such things about other people's tastes. A rapper probably doesn't like your classic rock because they see it as some people bashing on their guitars while shouting random things (I know that's what they think because that's what many of my rapper-friends told me), but it's not necessarily true. Get my point?

          Only thing I could agree on is with the typical commercial themes of today's bands. Could people come up with anything else than boring depressive lyrics? I mean, what the fuck man, look at linkin park. What is this? All they do is piss moan and whine. Cut it, right now.


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            How old are you Bulletstop? Not old enough to have heard enough music, thats for sure. Or even to establish an opinion about any kind of music, since you just chucked all rap into one pot and labeled it crap, and then did the same with punk.

            My advice, listen to more music, and build up an opinion not just crop one up. The way I see it, all music is good for someone and as long as you know what its good for, then you dont have to like it or dislike it. I like music to be my own, I go for the stuff no ones heard of. Not purposley, just because I dont like to listen to stuff that 10000 people before me already have. My 4 pence.
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              Mah, i was just trying to make people laugh lol, i guess i kinda skrewed up there im fourteen lol.... not saying all rap is bad or punk either... just the mainstream stuff MOSTLY not everything sorry to offend anyone lol....
              If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe - Carl Sagan


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                tool>other bands
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                  Rap > you


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                    I generally don't like music with too much swearing(it's usually crap anyway, it seems that rap is 50% swearing so I don't like most of it). I like rap(or rather what I consider classic rap - Young MC, LL Cool J, some Will Smith and even some Vanilla Ice), but not the violent themes(usually). I like Eminem for some reason though.
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                      Liking or disliking a music genre doesnt give you the right to literally put all rapers and punks at the stake. It may be dificult for you to understand but there are people that like that type of music and actually just listen to that. I too find most of those themes trash but I respect the people who listen to it. As for me I avoid it and that includes talking about it.

                      Rap is IMO passing through a phase similar to pop in the 80's. Its very popular so people listen to it mostly because "its cool". You have a greedy industry and a target public that will literally "eat" anything. Imagination isnt required. The rapers just have to know how to sing a few words and move a bit. The marketing department does the rest and that's it.
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                        Originally posted by Bulletstopper
                        In conclusion... Classic rock is the shiat

                        well, i'll agree with you on that much, at least.
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                          Its true, you can't base one song or even a handful of songs as one label. In fact you cant even base one band/group/artist compared to others, Music is rated on a song by song basis. Im not a huge Metal fan or Country fan, but I love many (not all) metallica songs, and there is a garth brooks song I like somewhere too. The rest may sound like noise pollution to me, but there is that certain song here and there that although you may not personally like the band as a whole, that particular song sounds good. And yes rap can be broken into a few groups, one being the no talent rap that just swears or makes up words like fasheeezie, and another group that focuses more on hip hop and having fun, making money and 'bling blingin'. some songs are good, some are just boring rip offs of other songs. And Quality, enunciating rappers like will smith and young mc, although regarded as "white, sissy rap" are excellent "RAPPERS" that dont hang on constant swearing pot smoking habits, but actually make music that can be listened to by even adults who hate rap. Its all based on the performer and the song, not the genre.

                          Linkin park does tend to stick to song types about the same thing, whining about a relationship of some sort, but the songs themselves sell because the music is a little more creative (although quite digitized) and many can relate to breakup type songs, so it sells. In all reality your title would apply to all music, Metal sucks, but not all, Country sucks, but not all, etc.

                          I'd have to think there are more crap songs in every genre, than actually good songs. but listen to what you like and let others listen to what they like.


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                            [quote by antero90]The rapers just have to know how to sing a few words and move a bit.[/quote]


                            P.S. I edited/clarified my first post....
                            If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe - Carl Sagan


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                              Who here likes death metal?

                              No, really, who?