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Garlisk Update (Ack, Bad news)

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  • Garlisk Update (Ack, Bad news)

    Well, it looks like I'll be losing my cable. This means...slowness. Slow downloads... slow ping. No more NB testing.

    I could cry. I think I will.

    But its not gone yet, and MAYBE won't be. There is a small chance I might be able to hang onto it.

    Secondly, I really ought to stop being on the forums so much. I quit the forums! You can have my stuff. But not my comics.

    I'd like to leave for like, 2 weeks, and get some stuff done instead of hang out here.

    Wish me luck... I'll be back soon enough.
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    see you garslik, come back soon and waste time with us sorry to hear about the cable, i might be losing the dsl i havn't been able to get working yet.

    see my new post for more bad new :cry:
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      *drinks invis potion, steals comics.*


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        What's the big fuzz?

        Can't you just stay on the forums, and do other stuff aswell? I do. You don't have to be here 24/7 aiight?


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          Originally posted by Garlisk
          get some stuff done instead of hang out here.

          good idea....
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            You'll be back, Dak. Nobody ever leaves.

            Sucks about the cable. My ISP has a monopoly on my area as far as broadband goes, and they're scalping me! It's crossed my mind several times dropping them, but dammit, I need it!
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              Haw haw, lagger!