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    I was wondering if you guys knew how to hook up multiple monitors. I have a radeon 9700 pro (agp) that my main monitor is hooked up to. I just installed my old radeon 7000 (pci) and hooked up an old 17" monitor to that. I than went to settings, display and told the second monitor to "extend my desktop" or something similar to that. So now my second monitor is an extenstion to the left of the main monitor. (Which means when I move the mouse all the way left out of the view of the first monitor, the second monitor to the left has the mouse moving on that monitor). Now my question is, how can I configure the second monitor to work in games? For example, how do I get my main monitor to display my frontal view and have the second monitor display everything that happens behind me? I think it would be cool to hook up the monitors to do this. Any ideas on how to do this?

    thanks, Anarchtica

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    Some useful information in general on using dual display for games. Nothing specific to your problem though.
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      Not sure that you can unless the game engine is designed to do that. Do not think UT can do that. The closest I think you could get would be to have two independent sessions going and spec yourself in third person. Some problems with this though:

      1) Do this on a public, you will be called a cheater, whether you announce it or not. It is at least giving you an advantage others do not have, and also, no can tell if you are specing yourself or other players. You may not see it as cheating, but others will. Save it for private servers were others are willing to let you do that.
      2) Not sure how the controls would work out, though I think that could be resolved.
      3) Ths could have nasty implications for your connetion stability (depends on connection speed and quality)

      A second option might be to create mutator that does what you want. I have no idea if this can be done or how to get seperate displays. There may already be a mutator available. Again though, if people find out you are using something like this on public servers, you will be called a cheater. Use only on a private server if you do get it working.
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        thanks for the replies guys. I've gone ahead and added a third monitor I hooked up my two 17" monitors to my radeon 9700 pro. I than hooked up my 15" monitor to my radeon 7000. It's very cool, I can have three seperate programs running on the three monitors, very cool for multitasking. I can have google running on one screen, and my iTunes on another screen, while I run my main app on the middle screen. It's very easy to hook up, you guys should try it if you have two video cards and three monitors, it's very handy. The only problem is, it takes up my whole desk, granted my desk is six feet long so I have room, but still. I haven't figured out how to "clone" the monitors, where I get the same image on all three screens. Right now my left and right monitors are just extensions to the left and right of my middle monitor.


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          Machines Desktop

          I've had this setup for a while and it's really sweet, I've also got it setup at work now too and it's great. If your intreasted in some helpful applications to manage the multiple desktops get in touch with me (check my profile for addresses).

          I also have some awsome 2x 3x 4x and even 8x desktop backgrounds, such as a sweet panoramic view of the grandcanyon. Buho also has some sweet backdrops which I've taffed from him. Anyway, u needa something! u know where to come.


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            Buho's setup.

            Nice 'paper Mach.

            Unfortunately, very very few games support true multimonitor gaming experience. However, you can force it into multimon. With UnrealTournament, set your renderer from hardware (graphics card) to software (CPU). Then window the game (not fullscreen). Then in one of the ini files change the game resolution to something that reflects the collective resolution of your desktop (1280x480 - twice 640). Beforehand, you might want to reduce your windows resolution to the absolute minimum it can handle. My old monitors could go down to 320x240 in windows Now I do three 640x480 screens (1920x480).

            Sorry, dude. That's the best thing you'll get. For more information on this stuff, visit and also

            BTW, my new wallpaper (that replaced Garrett)
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              Aww Buho, i cream my pants each time I see that system... If I lived on the same slab of land as you i'd rob your house! Maybe far far in the future!!


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                Wow nice Buho wish i had that ,I still have one monitor .