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  • XP only ONS maps...

    Two new Onslaught maps have been released for Windows XP only. They are in an XP only installer, and are also flagged so servers won't send them out. How the companies involved think this is a good idea is completely beyond me; I suppose it comes down to money changing hands.

    2K4 Onslaught is an awesome gametype, but I think it's downright insulting that I'm expected to change my operating system in order to use content and play on certain servers, and that without doing so I will just be kicked from a server at some point during the map rotation - for me this potentially breaks the game in a very serious way.

    Luckily, one of the mappers has released a non-exclusive version of his map, and someone has released non-flagged, non-XP versions of both maps, apparently all with no version mismatches.

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    Allready got them I just don't understand why they release Xp only maps luckily some ppl made it compatible for other OS aswell


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      The bonus maps are available in a zip file for other OS's from the page below and a number of other sites.


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        Thanks for the extra link, a few people on other forums have been editing them out over... ethical worries :lol:


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          So, when are we getting that UT04 team idea going anyway?
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