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5 facts you need to know about tabby cats

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  • 5 facts you need to know about tabby cats

    Do you know a tabby cat isn’t a specific cat breed? A tabby cat is considered a domesticated cat with a coat that features distinctive stripes, dots, or swirling patterns, usually with an M marking on their forehead.
    If you are thinking of owning a tabby cat, here are some fun facts you should know about the Tabby cats.

    The tabby cat is believed to have their name originated from BAGHDAD
    The English term “tabby” comes from the French phrase “striped silk taffeta,” the root of which is tabis, which means “a rich watered silk,” as per the Online Etymology Dictionary.

    Tabby cat has many patterns
    Tabby cats have four basic tabby cats coat patterns namely, mackerel, ticked, spotted, and classic. The most common pattern in Tabby cats is the mackerel pattern. It comes to the mind when you think of a tabby cat.

    Tabby cat has many Coats
    Tabby cats have various coat colors, including brown, gray, cream, and orange. Most of the tabby cats have black-based coats.

    Tabby cats are usually male
    Did you know orange tabby cats are mostly male? As per a fact, 80% of orange tabbies are male; it’s rare to find orange female cats. As per BBC’s the ginger gene in cats’ works a little differently compared to humans, it’s on the X chromosome. Males require one copy of the gene and female cats require two copies of the gene.
    If you are interested to get the tabby cats then you should be aware of these fun facts!