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Tabby cats are cute little furry pets

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  • Tabby cats are cute little furry pets

    Cats are the furry pets owned by a person. They are usually dependent on their owner for all their basic needs like food, water, daily exercise, medical care, shelter, and most importantly companionship. Cats are really cute but they need a lot of attention and pampering by their owner. According to the survey, over 25% of US households have these cute furry pets at their homes. Just like dogs, cats are also of different breeds.
    Now a lot of you might have heard about tabby cats, but have always wondered what tabby cats are. Some say they are a breed of cats, but no they are not of a specific cat breed. Tabby refers to the coat pattern. So, the cats of any breed with a specific coat pattern are referred to as tabby cats.

    Tabby cats as a colorful pet
    Tabby cats come in many different colors and patterns. They may be grey in color or red, orange, ginger, and even found in marmalade color. The coat patterns tabby cats follow strips or holes or may have a combination of the two. You can tell what color a tabby is by looking at the color of his stripes and the tip of his tail.
    If you ever find a cat with this kind of pattern and color on a cat then, you are defiantly looking at a tabby cat. To get more information about tabby cats get in contact with paws and whiskers.