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Your guide to tabby cats- Appearance & Personality

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  • Your guide to tabby cats- Appearance & Personality

    Choosing the right cat for your house is a big decision! You get to share your home with a new lovely friend who can bring joy to your life. There are so many cat breeds to choose from and each has its personality traits, needs and other distinctions are important factors that affect your choice. Here’s what you need to know about the tabby cat appearance and personality. It will help decide if they are the right cat for you.

    The appearance of a Tabby Cat
    Tabby cats are available in various sizes. Regardless of what the specific variety, a grown-up feline will generally not develop to be more than 18 pounds. Their jackets, as referenced above, will be a mix of whirls, whorls and stripes. The eye and ear shape and colour will vary with the breed, so they can each appear to be exceptionally unique from one another.
    Most types of tabby cat have tails that are tapered gently and have delicate fur although certain breeds will have bushier tails and others solid, firm tails.

    The personality of a Tabby Cat
    Cats are known to be curious and aloof however tabby cats can introduce an assortment of character qualities subject to their variety, early socialization and their home environment. In any case, tabby cat breeds expect a very friendly cat who enjoys daily attention from their owners does not like to leave alone for long periods.
    If you have any queries about choosing a cat breed or caring let us know in the comments. We would be happy to assist you!