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A short history of cute and adorable tabby cats

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  • A short history of cute and adorable tabby cats

    A lot of people think that tabby cats are a separate variety of cats, but cat lovers actually know that what are tabby cats. I’ll clear your doubt if you have any about what tabby cats are? Tabby cats are cats with a specific coat pattern. Tabby cats have a distinctive ‘M’ shaped mark on the forehead. It is believed that the array of Tabby patterns all started with the Mackerel pattern, which was the natural coat pattern of African wildcat. It was thought that the ‘M’ mark tabby cats possess on their forehead stood for ‘Mau’ which is an Egyptian word for ‘Cat’. Isn’t it interesting?

    I am also a cat lover and a proud cat owner. My cat also has a tabby Patten and looks super adorable and cute. Just like the other cats my kitty is also stubborn and needs a lot of pampering. I guess all the cats’ owner can understand this. I want to mention one more thing that might help all the pet lovers that I have been following paws and whiskers’ website for a very long time and believe me I have come across a lot of facts about cats plus they have such adorable and cute stuff present on their online store for pets. If you want to buy some stuff you can look there as well.