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My feelings after playing couple of games.

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  • My feelings after playing couple of games.

    Some of may know me, at least my nick. I'm a newbie and todays was my first play in Thievery. And one thing I have to say is: "WOW". It's incredibely cool and fantastic game! Everyone helped me, or at least didn't laught at me.
    I renember one time - as a guard - i made a small union with a thief (only player besides me) and lured out another guard and he killed him. I didn't know any map then or the gameplay so he showed me around. Also thanks a lot for everyones patience. I've lost some of teams lifes in stupid way, but sometimes i was usefull.
    At first even my friendly thieves were to stealthy to even notice them or follow them. I was walking around trying to BlackJack AIs and only read messages: "Thieves completed sth" , "Only one button left" - and i thought "What button" , "Where am I?"
    As a guard I tend to follow other players and try to be useful. I often get that creepy feeling when i'm alone near the shadows and hear steps or bow getting ready.
    I'm still cracking myself more recently than guards i'm aming at, but i hope i get better.
    It is still unbelievable it is possible to knock out guards when they see you or to walk like spiders and climb and walk on roofs.
    Still i dont know the maps but starting to get around a bit.
    What made me lost my life couple of times:
    a) guard able to walk on roofs, on ladders, in ventilator shafts(players) - that creepy sound of a mace hitting the wall, saying "Im gonna getcha thief". One even was swimming behind me
    c)falls from heights (forgot about cat potions)
    I'm still afraid of closed rooms.
    Funny thing when you see someone swimming, like a puppy, but without moving legs and arms Sometimes it looks like a moving corpse.
    A thief climbing a rope looks great!
    Now in real life i will always close doors behind me
    I love some of the shouts and whispers. Too much "LOL" though. Everybody says LOL and i dont usually know why You are so happy. "GG" is always for me.
    Mixed once and shoutes out my position . Nobody came, thanks for that.
    Been a spectator couple of times. YOU ALL ROCK! I wish i could play like this.

    This text is very, very, very chaotic but i wanted to say what i think about TUT.
    I wont read it again, because i wont understand it
    Anyways i'm happy to here and to play this wonderful game.
    Thanks the creators for this game and players for great climate.
    Hope we will meet in many games in future and when i train a bit i will be able to steal without being seen and slaughter thieves with my mace and put them on fire

    I will end this thread now, although i have a lot to say more (but i forgot what )

    In the Future, One Duck Is The Law.

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    Heya Flack! Welcome to TUT gaming community. I hope you will enjoy playing Thievery.

    P.S. If you lure another guard to his death I'll personally break your ribs. j/k of course
    I Need Training!


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      Hey Flack, I believe I played a couple of games with you.

      Most people in the community will be happy to help train you and show you more advanced tricks/techniques. Just ask.


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        There's just so many new names lately, I don't know if they're new people, or old people using new names.

        And indeed, if you need help with something, just ask. And that's not only directed at you, but any other newbie as well.


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          Originally posted by -=V12US=-
          There's just so many new names lately, I don't know if they're new people, or old people using new names.

          And indeed, if you need help with something, just ask. And that's not only directed at you, but any other newbie as well.
          True I've noticed quite a few new players....
          deserve victory


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            Bring your friends too man...! If you wanna ask something about TUT just post it 8) have fun
            P.S. Check your private messages (AND RLFs NO! I AM NOT TRYING TO STEAL HIM nono I am trying to help him and adapt him to this game!)
            "What'll we do tonight, RaughingLat?"
            "Same thing we do every night, Granky, try to take over the world."


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              Here's a bit of advice: Play Solo games to build up both skills and knowledge of the maps. First time you play a map, go guard, and explore the place to learn the layout. Then start a new game, go thief, and try to win by accomplishing all objectives. If you can, you're ready to play that map online.


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                Strange, but I seemed to do much better when I go thief, and follow a teammate. Not only does it increase our combat efficence, but I don't have to buy picks, and I can watch his back when he opens doors, ect. If the person you are following has a clue about the map, you will see the best way to get to objectives. Whenever I tried solo games, I just couldn't get anywhere...


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                  *Pats Tisful on the back* I saw Tis teaching this guy whilst my little bro was playing, he was extremely patent and taught him much on the Nostagia map.

                  *adds tisful to christmas card list*