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Food! & Noodles!!

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  • Food! & Noodles!!

    ahah, just had to make this post cause I really _love_ food so much! and especially noodles!! any other ppl that just loves noodles? or maybe some other kind of food? what food in that case?
    here are some other other noodle questions! if you ppl eat noodles, you have the type "sam yang ramen" noodles by you? the one with different colors on it [purple(spicey),green(oriental),blue(chicken),red(b eef),orange(shrimp),brown(mushroom),darkgreen(pork )]... I just wanna share me and my friends own "recepie" (spelling?) on our great spicey noodles

    first, you need a pack of the purple spicey flavour. before you open the pack you shall mash them up into pieces (you cant do this by putting the pack in the deep bowl/deep plate and start masching them).. then you open the pack and throw them inside the deep bowl or whatever (it needs to be deep). then you take out the little package of the flavour you get inside and put it on the noodles, and then mix it up. afterwards you put water in it! ehm, you need as much water so the noodles are bearly floating (they shall not be floating) but you shall see the water. then put it in the microwave for 1½ minute..take them out, mix it, and then put them inside the microwave for a next 1 minute - 1 minute and 20 sec, then they are done! they taste so DAMN!!! GOOOD!!!! so if anyone of you are intressted of trying our "pwnage spicey microwave noodles" plz post what you think about it, and how it taste!

    other food now, I really love chinese food, tacos, pizza, burgers and fries, sushi, SPICEY FOOD (trinidadien food), noodles & SEA FOOD! XD what do you all like!?
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    Well i'm 50% italian, so I eat a lot of that sort of food. Lasagna, Fettuccini alfredo, tortellini, and pizza are some of my favs.

    Oh, and it's spelled "Recipe".
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      Yeah food rocks!!

      Probably one of my favourite meals is pasta with pesto. For those not in the know, pesto is basil blended with olive oil, pine nuts, garlic (NOT Garlisk, that would be a serious health hazard ), pepper. My wife and I often also use cashews or almonds in place of the pine nuts. Topped off with parmesan (or other) cheese, chopped olives and sun-dried tomatoes, it is one of the tastiest things I eat.

      It probably sounds yuk to some of you, but those with Italian backgrounds are probably quite familiar with it.

      Oh and I love French (not Freedom) fries too!
      And eggs benedict.

      And while we are on the topic of food and cooking: IRON CHEF ROCKS!!!! (weird Japanese cooking show).

      Thanks for starting this thread Louie..its fun...I might even have to post some more later (starting to get hungry...)
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        pffft! Food is lame! People who like food make me sick.
        It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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          Spicy Mexican food


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            I love italian food. No shit. It's the best thing earth has to offer.

            I enjoy anything spicy, also.

            Best thing would be... err... SPICY ITALIAN FOOD!!!!! YEAH!!!...

            Right. Well, I love food. Anything that can be eaten (while still keeping things balanced). I'm always having a snack when I'm at the computer, or reading, or even when I'm playing guitar. Most of the time I'm gonna look for fruits and vegetables, always going for the healthy things first. Then, when there's nothing such as nature's gift left in the fridge, I'm gonna look in the cupboard for the forbidden fruit... uuh... chips, I mean. But nothing's gonna beat spaghetti because it rules all over the place.


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              CHEESECAKE! (NY style preferably, but any will do)

              Chicken florantine pasta(lasagne with chicken and spinich, no hamburger or pasta sauce). Delicious.

              Philly cheesesteak

              Hamburgers & chickenburgers

              Chinese food(americas version anyway)
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                What, you don't have Mr. Lee Noodles?

                Tacos is one favourite of mine. You bring the beer!


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                  Food makes you fat. Dont eat it.
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                    mmm... i prefer oil.


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                      LOUIE!! YOU ROCK!!

                      During hte sumers, while i've got nothing to do but laze around the net, i practically LIVE in Ramen. I've been using your recipe for years!

                      Andi don't know about you, but this pack of chicken Ramen is orange, not blue.. .

                      As for other foods, are you sure you're not my clone?
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                        Apparently, noone actually needs food.

                        The breatharian movement also suffered a credibility blow some years ago when another of its leading lights, Wiley Brooks, was caught sneaking into a hotel and ordering a chicken pie.


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                          im a fan of the bacon.

                          also, i like chicken parmesan, proscutto sandwiches (italian ham, mozarella, tomato, basil), grilled chicken stuff, ravioli, fish like scrod and sole, uhhh pork chops, all sorts of steaks, chicken terriyaki (though i dont like most other asian food), curry, coffee, dark chocolate, sex.
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                            Cornbread and ckicken. Country Fried steak mashed potatoes.

                            All Greens (Mustard Greens, Pickled Greens, Turnip Greens, Collard Greens etc.)... well pretty much ALL vegetables except for peas. I don't like any kind of pea.

                            Pretty much any kind of Southern food, considering I am from the South by God's good graces. Especially Seafood or Freshwater fish (ie bass, brim, catfish)

                            I do, however, love trying foriegn foods. I love Persian, Lebanese, Greek food. I love Italian and French cuisine. I also love Mexican food, which use to be absolute favorite food until I was introduced to sushi (I managa at a Mexican Restuarant).

                            But yeah, Asian food, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, and most importantly, Japanese, considering sushi is my absolute favorite thing to eat.
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                              gg...I'm sitting here HUNGRY! and reading all your posts..I am starting to get crazy! I need something to eat!

                              haha, nice Radamanthus!!!! spicey micro noodles is the best!!=))

                              and I also _LOVE_ peppar with the food. Well I am 50% westindies, and down there we eat plenty peppah! habanero!! (scotch bonnet), bird pepper... those are pepper fruit (raw) I eat together with food.. there are also peppar sauce (matouks) and also the world strongest peppar sauce "blairs death sauces" MMMM! I love having the death sauce on hotdogs! you shall try out some pepper with food! its the best! and yeah, food is the best!
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