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Some really strange bugs (and a demo!)

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  • Some really strange bugs (and a demo!)

    Last night, starwhores and I were messing around, finding wierd bugs everywhere. First, we managed to find a way to crater in stronghold (without falling of course). Then we both got jammed, spinning uncontrollably, inside that cabinet in the guardhouse on grange (Salsa told us we really were making love to the armoire). When the guards found us, I shot at them with arrows, which weren't coming from my bow, they flew from 3 feet above me. A guard shot back, which caused star and I to crater inside the cabinet.

    By far the best was when we went to my server. Eventually it crashed (infinite script recursion?), so I restarted it. But something was horribly wrong:

    I dunno how this happend, but it caused some really funky crap (it was on grange BTW). For some reason, neither of us could look straight, because when you turn to look around, you continue drifting in that direction (spinning round and round until you try to look in a different direction). Star was trapped near the exit tunnel, saying that when he tried to leave, he'd warp back again (and I can't describe what it looked like from my POV, just watch the demo). And the ai..... just watch the demo .

    Now, for some reason the best demo I took never got created somehow (I had 4 ai going at once ), so here's the second best (with some embarrasing dialogue from me ):

    Extract the file to your system folder, then type "demoplay blah.dem" in the console to start it (and "stopdemo" stops it fyi). Once it's loaded, quickly fly over to the large crates near the exit to see the action. And please note that we weren't messing with the speed control .
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    Heheh I like the machine gun crossbows.