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Need good books! Adventure/Fantasy/Thievery style.

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  • Need good books! Adventure/Fantasy/Thievery style.

    Looking for the titles of some good Adventure, Fantasy, Thievery type novels.

    Stuff like The Hobbit and Wheel of Time.

    3 total books per series or less, please. Wheel of Time is starting to drag for me after the 5th book, so I'm looking for something of a faster read. :p

    Jimmy The Hand by Ray Feist is on my list already, and so is Jack of Shadows, but I can't find that anywhere.

    So, anything like that, recommend it...I'll give it a try!

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    Though I generally don't like fantasy at all nowadays, Michael Moorcock's Elric/Stormbringer novels weren't total crap. They could be better (my opinion - if you like fantasy you probably think they're way much better than I do ), but they do have quite original moments and ideas. Darker fantasy, lots of revenge and doomed fates.
    The specific better novels would be:
    Elric of Melniboné
    The Fortress of the Pearl
    The Sailor on the Seas of Fate
    The Dreaming City (These are all probably available as one bigger collection)

    I'm still reading some of the latter Elric novels, but generally they haven't been as good as those earlier listed ones.
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      Oh damn. I was going to say wheel of time, but it seems you've already discovered that treasure. Seriously the best books ever written.

      Sorry, ain't nuthin better than that.

      Oh, and the fifth and sixth books nothing much happens, it pick up again in the ninth and tenth.
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        Have you read those books...what are they called again...oh yeah! I remember, I think they're called The Lord of the Rings or something. I heard they're pretty cool and I think they made some movies on them not too long ago. I forget the author's name though.
        You can try reading those Harry Potter books, I heard they're pretty interesting and they also made movies on the books.
        I used to read Animorphs books but they get repetitive after a while. Every book they get a new morph, go after a new yeerk enemy and win.
        The book, The Ear the Eye and the Arm was pretty good. I read it back in 6th grade and found it quite interesting.
        Let's see...The Thief was an okay book too I guess. Well actually, it was just okay and nothing else.
        Have you ever read James and the Giant Peach before? That's pretty fun. Man, I'm into the mood for some peaches right now! They also made a movie out of it.
        Hmmm...I don't really read that many books though. In fact I rarely read books. Actually, come to think of it, what is a book?


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          Any of Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and Grey Mouser series. They're the quintessential fantasy rogue stories. There's six, in all. In chronological order:

          Swords and Deviltry
          Swords Against Death
          Swords in the Mist
          Swords Against Wizardry
          The Swords of Lankhmar
          Swords and Ice Magic

          Forgive Leiber the repetitive use of "Swords" in his titles. He was trying to create a clear link between the books, and Fafhrd and the Grey MouserARE two of the greatest swordsmen who every lived in that world.


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            Hey, what the hell?!

            I'm supposed to be the guy who tries to advertise Lankhmar series in vain, you laughing rat bastard!

            Anyway... I suppose if you can find those Swords books, then it's all good, but I personally was only able to find larger collection books "Ill Met In Lankhmar" and "Lean Times In Lankhmar", which contain two of those Swords books each. (And those are the names of two of the stories, too)

            I also noticed there has been some rewriting in the earlier stories, so if you can inform me on this LR... Is Gray Mouser an ex-apprentice of a magician in those books you've got? And when were those books printed?


            As for the real contents of the books? I really love the city of Lankhmar. Its everlasting smog, dangerous dark alleys and high rooftops that make the perfect highway to the more nimble thieves.

            Its Street of Gods, where preachers try to convert the crowds with their promises, prophecies and miracles... and where only the most rich and convincing ones can ever even afford a small spare room for an excuse of a temple.

            Its rich merchants, nobility, loansharks, gemsmiths, abandoned cathedrals, underground passages and secrets upon secrets. And let's not forget the deadly and ancient Thieves' Guild that deals with any private entrepreneurs they can find with violence that is harsh, sudden and final (*cough*Bloodstone*cough*).
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              ...running the risk of getting you totally addicted, I'm going to mention a series I enjoy.

              Wizards First Rule

              It is the best book I have ever read,
              including the whole riftwar series, which I loved and have read about 4 tmies.

              Grab this book.
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                Terry Goodkind, btw.
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                  Two authors that write some fantastic books: "Terry Brooks", and "Dianna Wynne Jones". And if you want some fantasy humor, try "Terry Pratchett" .
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                    Originally posted by DeepQantas
                    I'm supposed to be the guy who tries to advertise Lankhmar series in vain, you laughing rat bastard!
                    Neener neener, neener!!

                    Originally posted by DeepQantas
                    I also noticed there has been some rewriting in the earlier stories, so if you can inform me on this LR... Is Gray Mouser an ex-apprentice of a magician in those books you've got? And when were those books printed?
                    Yeah, in the beginning of the first one, Mouser is the apprentice of a white hedge wizard, until he's killed (if I remember correctly - been a while since I've read them). Copyright date for the first of these books is 1970 - shows the print date as November 1984.


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                      Maybe you'd like the three-book series of Fanuilh, Wizard's Heir, and Beggar's Banquet by Daniel Hood (all encased in "A Familiar Dragon")

                      Murders! Magic! Dragons! And the main character, Liam, used to study thieving (He can climb walls!)


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                        George R. R. Martins series- A Game of Thrones- A Storm of Swords- A Clash of Kings. But they aren't light reading. Hefty tomes full of intricate plots and well fleshed characters. A step beyond happymeal territory into the grown up world of steak. I recommend you bring an appetite.


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                          I heartily recommend the Fafhrd and Grey Mouser series (the 'swords" series mentioned by LR). There was also a seventh book in that series - "Knight and Knave of Swords", which tells the last stories of faf&grey mouser.

                          Also, Robin Hobb - the "Assassin" series - she is a great writer and her books really draw you in.

                          Also, "Thieves World" by (or edited by) Robert Lynn Asprin (short stories written by a number of different fantasy/SF writers) - havent read any of these for a while, but seem to remember they were OK.

                          Also, some of the "Conan" books, particularly the earliest in the series - some were written by the creator of Conan (Robert E Howard), and others by L. Sprague de Camp or Lin Carter. Conan's earlier adventures involved thieving (but he was a DM thief...) Try the book titled "Conan", which has a great thieving tale called "The Tower of the Elephant". The writing is pulpy, but the stories (particularly those written by Howard himself) are good action pieces.

                          Avoid David Eddings

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                            Yeah, Terry Pratchet is pretty good (though i almost exlusively only read the books which have Rincewind as main character ). Moorcook is some good stuff too (bit crude sometimes Imho). As for Lord of the Rings stuff id recommend the "Silmarillion". Gives you a bit of insight of the happenings before "The Hobbit" and the ring trilogy, and doesnt contain as much gay poetry and singing as them :grin: :lol:

                            Or how bout some Lovecraft? "The thing on the doorstep" or "The case of Charles Dexter Ward" are a nice read.

                            Heh, man i havent touched a book for more like 6 months now....damn you intarweb!
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                              Originally posted by Garlisk
                              Wheel of Time is starting to drag for me after the 5th book,
                              Yeah, everyone says that. Book 5 sucks. Worth sticking with though
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