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Wireless Repeater? is this really stupid or what?

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  • Wireless Repeater? is this really stupid or what?

    I'm kinda pissed. I don't get what the point of a wireless repeater is, can somone please help me.

    I bought this -> <- peice of equipment in hope that i could place it halfway between my router and my wireless usb device and have it repeat the signal so it doesn't arrive so weak. I got this peice of shit in the mail only to find out that its not that simple. The instruction manule said it could work as an access point or a repeater, but it is in repeating mode as default. The instructions for connecting it was this.

    Plug in power cable

    Plug in Lan Cable :? :x

    WHAT THE FUCK!? I called the company to try and return it and they said they don't accept hardware returns, so i'm fucked out of 70 dollars, and still no tut. I am really pissed off, but most of all i don't understand. If its a repeater, why do you have to connect it to the lan cable and string that back to the output computer! it just doesn't make sense! basically, that means all it is is a router! I DIDN"T NEED ONE OF THOSE! i wanted somthing i could plug in, and would wirelessly repeat the signal. Am I missing somthing here? is anyone following me? :x

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    As it states, it extends the range of your wireless network. It should perform as you expected it.

    What have you done to get it working? How much time have spent with the manual? Spent about 5 minutes while waitng for my workstation to do its thing. Seemed like it should work as advertised. Your post gives the impression you pulled it out of the box, saw that the constructions said plug it in, and then tried to return it. No time spent trying to ascertain why you need the cable, no time spent talking to D-link to figure out how it is supposed to be used, no time spent trying to get it to work. Forgive me if that is not the case, but that is the impression you give.

    The wired connection may be necessary for initial configuration (maybe to ensure a solid, secure signal? Read the manuals troubleshooting section), or it may be that the instructions assume no wireless access point. Note that in there set-up diagram, the router that they use is not a wireless router. They use two of the devices you have. One acts as an entry point, the other as an extender.

    Suggest following the instructions given. Once it is working wired, proceed to to an unwired configuration. First in a range that should be no problem (involves moving your computer I suspect) then moving on to the desired extended range. If you run into any problems while doing this, get a hold of d-link and get answers. Be preapred to give your network related spec's, and describe to them in detail what you have done. Forgive if this seems obvious, but getting these things going the first time you use them can be annoying, and time consuming. Your post gives every indication of no time spent trying to get it to work.
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      I had a quick look at the manual and it's basically what Thebos said: Connect to the network to configure, then disconnect and place anywhere.
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        please pardon this post. I called tech support and got it all sorted out, still won't work though because its not compatible with my router. Oh well, sorry to bother everyone.
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          Well hey, at least you have found something else to be worried about. I guess this means your medical tests came out OK?
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            All due respect Thief13x but I think its time that you get a little more inventive.
            Installing an wireless network is obviously giving you alot of problems and its also costing you money. IMO the only way around it is going back to the old fashion wired network.
            Some posts earlier I think you mentioned that you couldnt use a wire network because of rats. Well, the amount of time and cash that you are spending you could have found a way to counter the rats. Have you tried getting the wire pass in a area where no rats can get? Like passing it on the wall at a safe distance from the floor or in the ceeling. You will probably say it will be ugly but we are not talking about a picasso look like network. You want something that works. And right now it doesnt look like that you can have both.
            There has to be a way to counter rats. Try passing the cable inside a metal tube, just be a little inventive and show those rodents that you rule your place.
            Anyway, keep trying im sure it will pay off once you get it to work.
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              Hell, if rats are the reason you couldn't have a wired network, you shold have talked to me. I'd have called 'em off for ya. Of course, I could have held their release over your head to extort you....

              Seriously, if rats chewing through cables is the problem, invest in some pipe. Copper, galvanized steel, hell, even PVC would probably keep the rats from chewing on your cables if you run them through it.


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                IIRC the problem was that the cable broke in the existing pipe and Timmy was too lazy to dig it up and replace the wire.
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                  Take rats advise, He is afterall a rat, and who would know better what a rat would not be able to chew through.

                  I lived in a mobile home for a while. Funking ground hogs would chew through the phone wires, cable and 110v wiring. Nothing like the smell of BBQed gopher in the morning.

                  The phone co. suggested pvc also, so 200 ' of 1/2 pvc later the problem was solved...... Untill they started digging their holes under the footings.

                  I woke up to a creaking sound one morning accompanied by the gentile patter of rain. Anyone who knows me will tell you I love the sound of rain when Im trying to sleep. So I roll over to take a sip of water from the carefully placed glass near my bed, when something looks strange. The water in the glass is trying to get out on one side, Huh???

                  Then I realize Im leaning head down witch was making it hard to sit up. Here the little buggers had dug under the footings, the rain softened the ground and the house was sinking on one end.

                  This split the tin on the roof, ripped the siding, broke plumbing and generally pissed me straight off.

                  Sent a lot of fat furry fukers to heaven in the next few weeks.............

                  *edit* Btw Rat, Take down that sig or Im posting pics of my scars.
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                    Originally posted by TED NUGENT
                    *edit* Btw Rat, Take down that sig or Im posting pics of my scars.
                    Nah. I wanna see if you have the 'nads to post your 'nads.