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D&D, Thievery Stylez! Any interest?

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  • D&D, Thievery Stylez! Any interest?

    Ok, I'm thinking of coming up with a thievery style D&D conversion. I'd like to somehow make the game playable on the forums (So many people can participate, no matter what the time zone), but this could take quite a bit of set up time and balancing and changing of rules.

    So, before I undertake such a project, I'd like to know how many of you would be interested in participating?

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    Hey if you need help let me know, PM me or something if you have questions.
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      In my experience, role-playing games don't work well in an online setting, even in a chatroom. Never tried it via TeamSpeak, but even that lacks something without the face-to-face contact. Maybe NetMeeting....


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        I'm intrested to see how it'll be pulled off.
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          LR: Well, I've never had any experience other than Online Roleplaying...

          I found it fun, though yes, it does seem like it would lack something RL would provide.

          However, I have some experience in making games with formulas* and I think I can make something that should be fun for us.

          I'd appreciate any suggestions or ideas, but I have a pretty clear idea already of what I want to do, it will just take some time.

          *I made a whole game based on Road Warrior which allowed for chases, building vehicles, scavenging, fighting, etc... plus a bunch of other smaller "arena" fighting games, where the whole idea was making characters and having them fight.
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            "He said he didn't trust me, so I killed him."--Hidden_Wolfe


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              Me! Meee!

              LR will just have to watch.


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                Tentatively interested. Conceptually, sounds like fun. Curious about the overall framewok, details, etc.
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                  Ok, after some thought and work with several ideas..
                  I think its about impossible to make a game that would work in a forum.

                  However! I will make up several D&D style classes and items based on TUT, and any extra rules that may be needed, I'll post that...and then I'll work on a campaign.

                  Then, maybe we can set up a room in IRC or AIM and have a go at it!
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                    I'm in.
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                      there are a few programs out there made specifically to recreate the table top experience online. I've never tried them, but here are links to a few.



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                        Garlisk wrote:

                        "*I made a whole game based on Road Warrior..."

                        Don't you mean "based on MAD MAX1&2

                        That's what is was called here in Australia where it was made. A lot of it was filmed very close to my home town of Geelong (near Melbourne).

                        Sorry, way off topic

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                          NP Mono...well, yeah I guess.

                          The first one is called Mad Max here, but the second is Road Warrior (here).

                          Cool tidbit.
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                            Do all of you that are interested in playing know how to set up your char and have the Players Manual?

                            I'm gonna let you use any weapons in the Player's Manual long as its not limited by the Rogue class, and you remember that bigger weapons make you easier to spot.

                            OK here is an example of what I'm doing...these are some items that will be added.

                            Cost: Free
                            Damage: 1 (Subdual)
                            Special: Sneak Attack = Instant KO
                            Critical: None

                            Water Arrows
                            Cost: 10
                            Special: Creates more darkness in a room lit by torches or candles, making it easier to hide.

                            Vine Arrows
                            Cost: 20
                            Special: Shoot it into wood and climb up.
                            Length: 50 Ft

                            Moss Arrows
                            Cost: 10
                            Special: Makes footsteps quiet in a small area, and neutralizes caltrops.

                            Decoy Arrows
                            Cost: 20
                            Special: Provides distraction of guards for several turns.

                            Crack Arrows
                            Cost: 20
                            Special: Renders guards that get shot incapable of moving properly, reduces their attack and movement speed.
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                              I like this idea. Is it possible that to many people could sign up? would the program (and the story) support the 10 or more people that are interested?
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