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    Well, here are the rules so far:

    Guard Stats

    Benny Guard:

    HD: 1d8
    Initiative: 0
    AC: 14
    Attack: Long Sword (1d8, 2xcrit @ 20), Light Xbow (1d8, 2xcrit @ 19-20)

    Special: Tags, Trops

    Normal Guard:

    HD: 1d8+4
    Initiative: 0
    AC: 16
    Attack: Mace (1d8+1), Light Crossbow (1d8, 2xcrit @ 19-20)

    Special: Paras, Tags, Trops, Mines


    HD: 2d8
    Initiative: +1
    AC: 17
    Attack: Greatsword (2d6, 2xcrit @ 19-20), Heavy Crossbow (1d10, 2xcrit @ 19-20)

    Special: Paras, Tags, Fire, Trops, Mines, Whistlers

    Guards use the spot skill against the thief's hide skill to see thieves.

    Dark Room: -6 Spot
    1/4 Lit Room: -2 Spot
    1/2 Lit Room: 0 Spot
    3/4 Lit Room: +2 Spot
    Fully Lit Room: +6 Spot

    Guards make checks against these base DC's to see if they hear these actions.

    Killing a guard: 8 DC
    KOing a guard: 15 DC

    Listen vs Move Silently bonuses

    Run (Jump)

    Grass: -2 (0) Listen
    Metal: +4 (+8) Listen
    Wood: +0 (+2) Listen
    Tile: +2 (+5) Listen

    If a thief is heard, guards will move to the area and use flares.

    Tag Bolts: If hit, thief is fully lit for 5 actions.

    Para Bolt: If hit, Thief cannot move for 2 actions, and is subject to Coup De Grace attacks.

    Fire Bolts: Like tag, but will still hit the thief if it misses by 4 or less. (If the shooter rolls a 10, and the thief dodges a 13, he still gets hit, even though a normal bolt would miss).

    Trops: Like a para bolt. If a thief asks to look for traps, he will automatically see them, UNLESS: 1/4 Lit room or Dark Room, thief must beat a 12 DC search.
    Guards will hear a thief hit trops with 14 DC listen check.

    Mines: Mines cause 1d4 damage to any nearby thief. Same as spotting trops, but 10 DC.
    Guards hear thieves hit them with an 8 DC listen check.

    Whistlers: Makes noise when a thief enters a room.
    Thieves can spot them if they beat a 15 DC check, and put them out with water if they see them.
    Any nearby guard will automatically hear it.

    Well, it looks like I did it. I really really REALLY hope somebody takes htis info and make this happen.
    Garlisk's Fantasy Art Gallery

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    This sounds quite interesting. I can't help though.
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    A Thief's Guide to Thievery for UT (video not complete yet)


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      Looks like it's coming along quite well Garlisk!Bummer that your schedule is to crammed. Hopefully someone will pick it up.


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        Hmmmmm...... this looks like a job for *trumpets sound* :grin: HIDDEN_WOLFE!!!!!!!!!!

        I'll see what I can do, Garlisk. I'll either up date here or I'll PM you what I figure out. k?
        "He said he didn't trust me, so I killed him."--Hidden_Wolfe


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          Sounds like a plan Wolfe, you can PM me. Turns out I can use your help more than I'd expected.
          Garlisk's Fantasy Art Gallery


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            Sure, not a problem.
            "He said he didn't trust me, so I killed him."--Hidden_Wolfe


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              Just posting to let everyone know who is still interested that the RPG is still on. So dust off your character sheets and be ready, we'll have something soon just doing some rules and items and thats almost it!!!! Get ready for the TUT D&D!!!!!

              "He said he didn't trust me, so I killed him."--Hidden_Wolfe