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I'll be the best... bwahaha. (A sequel to An Idea...)

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  • I'll be the best... bwahaha. (A sequel to An Idea...)

    I'm starting up a league, whether you like it or not! and if not, it just proves that I'm the best because Ill be the only one there!
    Using a ladder system and with 1v1 thiefmatch and team based games - both in a best of 3 setup (team games have to alternate, so arrange who gets the 2 goes as thief first, people!)
    The site is going up as I type. The STL will be open for buisness from four this afternoon, britty time

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    Some Thievery League is online! woo!


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      Cool man!

      Good luck . . .


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        The only constant is change.
        (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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          I think we should wait for 1.3


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            I think we should start now so when 1.3 is out the league is already established... come on, its been months and we've only just got a minor league. Come on people, sign up!
            I guess nobody likes thiefmatch and that people in guilds really do fit the sterotype of ignoring all who aren't :?


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              I have it on good authority that 1.3 will be out SOON. Starting a league in one version of a game, and continuing it when a new version that is going to DRASTICALLY alter gameplay is released is probably not a good idea. Hold on a bit, and start it after 1.3 is released.

              About guilds: I don't mean to be ignoring your league, but IMO, Thievery is a team game. I get the most from it when I play as part of a team and contribute to a team win. The best way to do that effectively is to belong to an actual team that works together on strategies, and practices those strategies.

              I do hope it goes well, and that you get a lot of participation, though.


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                There are individual and team leagues, but nobody seems interested in either - I've so far had one signup for thiefmatch and none for the team game..
                Continuing 1.2 to 1.3, well it'd have to be a completely different game not to be worth starting now and going through... I've seen leagues work perfectly fine from version 1.3 of things through 1.4, 1.45, 1.46, 1.6Beta, 1.75, 1.85, 1.90 1.91. Essentially its the same game - this isn't a league system where any update would effect anything as long as it has team vs. team and thiefmatch still in it, which to remove would seem a fair bit different from simply a lot of rebalancing.