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  • Tournament of Darkness v3

    The Tournament of Darkness v3 is finally upon us! ToD is back by popular demand. The rules have been revamped in order to have a more smooth operation for both the admins and players. But don't worry, the fun and competition is still there! ToD v3 is going to be set for July 17 and 18 and will run throughout the day.

    About Tournament of Darkness

    Who can join?
    -Anyone actually! The only requirement is that you can not be banned for a major offense (cheating/raging) on a server. ToD admins will make the call as to whether you can join.

    Do I need a team?
    -Yes, this version of the tournament will be teams of up to 5 people. You need a minimum of 2 players to play in a match, so be sure you have enough people to cover any times over the two days of the tourny.

    Who can be on my team?
    -Any player that meets the requirements to enter ToD can be on your team. Being in a guild or being guildless does not affect your team. The most important thing is to pick a team you like, work well with, and will have a good time playing with.

    What will the layout of ToD be?
    -ToD will be a standard elimation ladder. Teams compete to move on to the next round. The ladder continues until only one team remains.

    How long will the tournament last?
    -The tournament will be at set times throughout the weekend. Your team will be expected to have players ready to go at your assigned time. If the players are not present, the admin will declare a forfeit after 10 minutes.

    How can my team keep contact with the admins as the tournament progresses?
    -Tournament of Darkness now has its own IRC channel that can be found on StarChat at #ToD. Your team will need at least one member there to keep up with the latest news as the tournament is running. In addition to the IRC channel, a graphical ladder will keep the standings up-to-date.

    What about voice communication programs?
    -Voice comms will be allowed if BOTH teams verbally agree to it beforehand. The CTG TeamSpeak server will be available to those who wish to use voice but don't have the means to host a server.

    Match Rules

    -Server settings will be:
    * Clever AI
    * 3 max following AI
    * AI do not stand still when flashed
    * 850 starting loot for guards
    * 600 starting loot for thieves
    * 30 minute time limit + map time modifier
    * Loot drop - 50%
    * Supply chest active

    -Both teams will enter a private server (which will be provided by the tournament). The admin will restart the map twice to completely reset the server. Then, one player from each team will attempt to join the game as a thief. The auto-balance will send one team member to the guard team and leave one member as the thief. The team thats member was randomly chosen by the server to thieve then gets the option to choose a map or let the other team choose the map. After a map has been selected by one team, the other team is given the option to thieve/guard the first round. Gameplay will commence until a team has won the first game. Then the teams will play the map over again after switching roles. The round is best of 3, so after the second game there could be a potential winner. If not, the two teams will switch roles again and play a third round to determine a winner.

    -In the event of a server crash, the game will have to be restarted no matter the circumstances. If the server crash was caused by malicious intent, the admins can kick your team from the tourny.

    -After the match is complete, the tournament admin will submit the results to myself so I can update the standings. You are then free to do as you wish until your next match is up.

    What happens if I win?

    In the past the ToD ladder victor would play the previous ToD's winner. This will not be the case in v3. The winner of the ladder will be declared the winner of ToD v3. One day we may have a ToD Winner's Ladder for teams that have won ToD. Time will tell about this.

    How Do I Sign My Team Up?

    Easy. Send a PM or email my way. [email protected]

    Be sure your team can be around for the days of the tourny, starting around 4 PM going until possibly 2 AM GMT on July 17 and 18. I'll need your team information by July 14 to prepare times and servers. Please include:

    Your Desired Team Name
    Team Members (No aliases during the tournament)
    Your Timezone (Please express like GMT -6 or GMT+3)

    If there are any further questions, you can PM me or just ask them here. I'd be happy to clarify or state anything I might have missed.
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    AHA! a ToD 3!

    I will be alerting my team to this ASAP.
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      "July 17 and 18"
      /me slaps bio around a bit with a trout with a label saying i love june.
      ok ok, i can live with it but it's not going to be easy. it's sooooo oh oh oh far away.
      ok, that's for the ToDv3


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        Suggestion to change the rules:
        The third tie-breaker round is played as ThiefMatch!
        Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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          Nice i guess i'll be in again.


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            Any chance of making it double elimination, and maybe spreading it over a week?
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              Originally posted by DarkBill
              Any chance of making it double elimination, and maybe spreading it over a week?
              The chances are GREAT if you supply a server and lots of your time to admin it it!


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                Any chance of increacing the loot drop from 50%?
                Most servers now have much larger loot drops percentages. In the last ToD, Rush tactics worked well due to this. Run in, grab loot from major position and then die, only to respawn with half of it
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                  yay! nice biohazard! real fun \o/ but JULY? I kinda agree with okih-imus there, whats wrong with june? I mean, I will grow old and die before this tourney will start.....jk, yeye better july than no tourney at all !

                  this will be fun!
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                    Nice. Might have a poke around, see who wants to form a team!


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                      Cool, thanks Bio! I will maybe join too.
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                        The ShanKa Shadows are rebuilding with a new-look team... watch out.

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                          Mach? Drag? Want to form a team?


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                            Originally posted by TafferBoy
                            Any chance of increacing the loot drop from 50%?
                            Most servers now have much larger loot drops percentages. In the last ToD, Rush tactics worked well due to this. Run in, grab loot from major position and then die, only to respawn with half of it
                            Actually you bring up a good point. I will talk with the other admins about this and see what they would like to do.


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                              Originally posted by Lurox
                              Mach? Drag? Want to form a team?

                              You sure know how to make a balanced team. It would be cool if you made a mix of people for diferent guilds.