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Image Manipulation Contest! - vol.1

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  • Image Manipulation Contest! - vol.1

    Ok, I'm going to kick in a little contest now. You can participate as long as you have some sort of an image manipulation program, like PhotoShop, PaintShop pro, or the free Gimp, if you dear.

    The purpose of this contest is not to find out who's got the best skills in photo manipulation, but having fun and creating some cool images. So join in!

    Image Manipulation Contest Rules:
    • Only post your work in this thread (e.g. an image). If you want to discuss a contributed image, make a new thread. Off-topic posts will be deleted.
    • Don't use others work, create your own art!
    • Post the link to the image within a [ img ] tag. Compress the image. If the size (in pixels) are above 800x600 px, post the url instead of using the [ img ] tags.
    • Once you have submitted your contribution, you cannot do any more work on the image. If I see this happen, you're out of the contest.
    • Keep within the topic of the contest, and make something serious!
    • You can submit as many images as you like. (New!)

    Aiight. So far so good. If you haven't got any personal webspace, you can mail me the contribution, and I'll host it for you.

    So, over to the topic of the contest:
    Put an element from Thievery - wheter it be a guard, a thief, loot, crates, a whole mansion, whatever - inside a real-life picture. Humor is allowed!

    The contest closes at Monday of June, at ~8:00 am CET (GMT+1) (New!). I'll then make a new thread with a poll, where you can give your vote on the 'best' contribution. The poll will be up for 2 days. The winner may, or may not, recieve a special price. We'll see.

    I hope I've explained good enough. Now, please start working on your contribution.

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    Submission #1

    I'll start!


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      Submission #2

      Salsa: The Z axis is the Acromaster's domain


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        Submission #3

        (Click for full size...)
        It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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          Submission #4

          Those crazy Velvet Bags... (sloppily done, I know)

          Then I see Big_D's picture, and since there's no way I could possibly beat it, I do what any other self-respecting person would do.

          Also, Peter Pan and Hook fight dirty! (I know, this isn't exactly a real life picture)


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            Submission #5

            My lame entry

            On demand this signature has been changed. I hope nobody was insulted or got harmed due to my signature. If this is the case, I'm fully responsible for the harm that was done. Do you feel harmed or you simply want a listening ear?

            Call 0900-PHAE


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              Submission #6

              First one

              I think Iam pretty happy with it at this point so Iam submitting it. And I have a second one in the works

              *edit* and sorry for it being so dark.


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                Submission #7

                And you though ZT's was dark! Hah!

                Find the thief!

                Link to the original:
                Garlisk's Fantasy Art Gallery


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                  Submission #8

                  Here's my n00b contribution:

                  <-- Resident Nightblade suggestion attorney...


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                    Edit by mOdEtWo: Submission disqualified for not following the topic

                    Uh, I'm really scared
                    See you in beers


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                      Submission #10

                      It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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                        Submission #11

                        And now, for Mode's sake...

                        It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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                          Submission #12

                          Thiefball - He's stealing home base!


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                            Submission #13

                            Great minds think alike I geuss. This was the 2nd chop I was refering to in my first post. Well looks like Microwave Oven had a simlair idea pop into his head

                            *crap submited the wrong version. Oh well only a small little element missing that wasn't huge anyway I geuss*


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                              Edit by mOdEtWo: Submission disqualified for not following the topic

                              Some rough work but hey... this one was done in a hurry.

                              For those who have no idea where this came from: see original book cover picture here:
                              .:Mockers Thievery Guild:.
                              - "until the cat is skinned"