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  • UT2003

    Just curious, but has any of the dev team given thought to upgrading the project to use the UT2003 engine at some point?

    The engine offers much more versatility and features for mod developers, and many of the people who bought UT2003 removed UT1 from thier system first to make room (such as me), though I have considered reinstalling UT just for Thievery. Still, I think Thievery would look awesome in the new engine, and lots of new features could be added.

    However, there's also the problem that such an update would pretty much require a complete overhaul of the project and alot of work, and the existing Thievery is pretty good, good enough in fact for me to reinstall UT1 for it alone. So I guess its probably something to consider either for the future or for a different mod team to develop.

    Anyway, just curious as to the team's and community's thoughs on it.
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    Well no one but a dev can give you a solid answer, but:

    (From the FAQ)

    Q4: Is this for Unreal Tournament only, or will you port it to other engines?

    We are currently developing for Unreal Tournament only. Ports to upcoming Unreal Engine games such as Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal 2 or even Thief 3 will be considered after Thievery has been released, but we can't promise anything, as reworking the mod for the radically improved engine would take a lot of work.
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      Thanks for that, I didn't even know there was a faq!

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        This has been asked quite a few times , the last I saw was this confirmation for 2K3 by Gullone Fox, then the following disclaimer by Dalai.