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  • WANTED : Horror Games

    OK, I need suggestions for scary PC games, I've got undying and silent hill 2, but I want more! I've done a search but cannot find anything which really catches my eye

    So, any of you people played a game which has really terrorfied you? if so what is it?

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    Mach and I want horror games! We were discussing this, and not much out there. Nothing scares me anymore, I still like playing them though.

    Anyone know of any good horror games, let us know. Thanks.


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      I've yet to find a scary pc game...

      AvP can make some people freak out tho.

      Other then that... Thief.


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        Monster Party for NES

        It's not a PC game, but I think you can manage.


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          K, heres what I've tried.

          Theif 1 - Yes, very scary and tense in places.

          Theif 2 - Again, the same.

          Theif 3 - Made me jump many a time, and the Cradle needs no justification.

          Silent hill 2 - Just got it now, not really hooking me in at the moment, seems to consoley and the camera angles stop me enjoying it.

          AvP - Didn't scare me at all :-(

          System SHock 2 - Awsome game, scarey too.

          Clive Barkers Undying - Probably the best one I played, BUT it does drift off near the end into a doom like kill everything. Until then, fantastic.


          I just want more! it's definatly a genre thats only been lightly touched, so as far as I know there aren't many horror games out there, just kinda intreasted to know if anybody else has seen them!


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            Sanitarium was supposed to be a VERY strange and scary game.

            However, it is getting on in years now...

            And it was partly puzzle game too, which kind of turned me off.


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              The first Alone in the Dark game was kind of freaky, but when I play it nowadays the graphics look terrible, and it's not nearly as scary. Still, it set the standards for adventure/horror games.


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                I know they're old but the resident evil games gave me a few scares....though I played them on the console and a night
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                  Alone In The Dark 4 was released a few years ago, so its gfx are still up to par.


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                    Pokemon these creatures just scare me,just look at pikachu ....... wouldn't want to play that game at night with headphones.....


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                      Scariest games(after the Thief series) are:

                      Aliens Vs Predator series-this game just gives me the craps,especially if when playing as Marine an alien lands on your head.

                      The Undying-great atmospheric start and the mansion is excellent to explore and I love the Unreal Graphics,just a shame about the cruddy Easter Island ending.

                      Wheel Of Time-now this is what The Undying was ripped off from and I personally consider the BEST game released on the Unreal engine(apart from ThieveryUT ofcourse),has loads of creepy bits and is very atmospheric and some of the mapping reminds me a lot of ThieveryUT(but then again it could just be some of the texture sets)


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                        If ya wanna go old skool and can really get into your games, you could try something ecentric like Pathways Into Darkness.

                        Alternatively, get Marathon and have someone whip ya up a map with nothing but Invisible Compilers... scary as shit, lemme tell ya...
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                          Blood 2 mebbe...its not scary that is, but its definitely very weird >=D

                          Other than that definitely System Shock 2, on Console Silent Hill 1 and 3, RE 1 and 2 and Parasite Eve 2
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                            silent hill 3, resident evil for ps console. thief, damn zombies.
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                              There was a short discussion over at eidos about this:

                              Another one I can think of is The Thing.
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