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New Map Idea for Thievery (some insight required)

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  • New Map Idea for Thievery (some insight required)

    Ok, some of you may remember that crazy idea I had about a "Goldrush" contest that failed because (fortunatley) TUT maps have may variables bla bla...
    Anyway, the idea struck me again in another way:
    Instead of normal Thievery maps I had the idea of making a dedicated map just for this.
    However I need some clarification on more experienced Taffers to see if this is workable or not.
    Here is the structure I thought about it:
    - the map will be (naturally) Thief balanced
    - in order to finish the map, all 100% of loot must be taken
    - the layout of the map is to have severall rooms recreating situations in Thievery: rooms with watchers, traps, lots of AIS... all sort of situations that will require taffers to use at least once all their equipment so that you can prove that you know how to "taff"
    - probably all the action takes place "indoors" unless you guys want some taffer to climb a huge tower to activate a gate bellow.
    - rooms will be "independant". Meaning that AIS should not be able to follow you to the next room.

    That is basically my idea ATM. Would this thing work? ANd if it did... what kind of rooms would you like to see? Would you prefer an all out map or split it into smaller maps?
    Also... could it be used to train guards?
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    So the REALLY basic idea is...a TUT obstacle course type thing?

    Sounds cool, and could have a nice story with it.

    A run-the-gauntlet map.
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      You could make it a kinda tutorial map, not sure how you would do the guard side tho, maybe have little wooden theives on rails dashing across rooms and the guard must destroy them :-/ the theif idea is good tho.


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        100% loot...hum...that will certainly not be thief balanced in my opinion. Just camp as a guard near a defendable loot spot.



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          Well, the original idea is having a map that works only for thieves, its not assumed that humans will join as guards (because making a map like that for human guards is juts asking for a Gerome like camp fest. But as I said im open to sugestions...
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            You could probably make the guards non inhabitabe(like Flavio on Gerome) although team balance might screw it up to get more than one thief.
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