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    I found it interesting to see how people configured their drives and how many special drives they had so I'm pulling this out of the Desktop thread.

    C: 93 GB main HD (100 modern-industry GBs)
    D: 16x DVD
    E: 24/10/40 Burner
    X: Hidden ~256MB FAT16 partition from main HD for virtual memory (FAT16 is faster and having a seperate letter for VM is too)

    I have a disconnected floppy (about 4 actually), zip100 internal, zip250 parallel, and a 30GB drive I am keeping safe for a second system. I can't find much use for all but the HD.
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    A: - Floppy
    C: - 40GB Seagate
    C:\Sklad - 80GB Seagate Mapped to this Directory
    D: - 30GB from 2. 40GB Seagate
    E: - 10GB from 2. 40GB Seagate
    F: - Teac RW 8x
    G: - Nero ImageDrive

    PC2 8)
    A: - Floppy
    C: - 10GB from 30GB Seagate
    D: - 20GB from 30GB Seagate
    E: - Disk Rack

    PCs are conencted with 100MB LAN

    Near computer, two unconnected CDRoms are layed.



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      A: Floppy Drive
      C: 60G Hard Drive
      D: CD-Rom

      As you can see I am quite the creative rebel. :grin:


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        Macintosh HD -- Internal 10GB 7200RPM hard drive
        External HD -- External 60GB 10000RPM FireWire hard drive
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          My computer:
          A: virus absorbtion device
          C: 10GB partition for WinXP & Program Files
          D: 120GB data drive (My Documents)
          E: 10GB partition empty for potential other OS
          F: CD-RW
          G: DVD-ROM
          H: 12GB backup drive, auto-backs-up certain parts of My Documents & other misc.)
          R: 200MB RAM Drive for scratch disk & virtual memory (I have 768MB RAM total)

          I used to have a 4x CD-ROM (3 CD players is like a 3 CD changer), but I ran out of bays and power cables when I wanted to add the 12GB backup drive. Ironically, I still have three IDE slots free... :roll:


          My parents computer:
          A: my parents' idea of a backup device
          C: 2GB entire drive for Win95 and Program Files
          D: 2GB partition of a 12GB drive using FAT16 (I gotta; it's Win95!). This partition is for my dad.
          E: 2GB partition for my mom.
          F: 2GB partition for the family.
          G: 2GB partition for scratch disk
          H: 2GB partition unused
          I: 2GB partition unused
          J: 16X CD-ROM

          Stop laughing!
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            HardDrive = 40 GIG

            C: HD Partition 1 = 13GB - Windows OS, Program Files (Office, Opera, etc)

            D: HD Partition 2 = 27GB - Games, MP3's, Music Videos, Thievery, UT, My Documents, pics of your mom

            E: 48X CDROM

            F: 2x/2x/6x CD-RW

            G: Zip


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              A: Floppy (duh)
              C: Windows XP, apps, games, etc.
              D: 350 mb SWAP partition (FAT16)
              E: 48x CD burner


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                C:\ = 80 GB (Windows)
                D:\ = 120 GB (MP3's/Video/etc)
                E:\ = 02 GB Fat 16 Viritual memory (configured to use the first space on disk 1)
                F:\ = Ghost-Disk


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                  Originally posted by mOdEtWo
                  E:\ = 02 GB Fat 16 Viritual memory (configured to use the first space on disk 1)
                  First space, eh? Why is that?
                  BobTheDog says, "Now you've gone too far!"


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                    2 hdd's

                    C: - disk1, NTFS, xp
                    D: - disk 1, NTFS, longhorn alpha
                    E: - disk 2, 1 gig, fat16, virtual mem
                    F: - disk 2, NTFS, file storage, program files.
                    G: - CD burner
                    Z: - 100MB RamDrive for Temp Internet files


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                      Originally posted by Grank
                      Z: - 100MB RamDrive for Temp Internet files
                      Cool. Never thought about that.
                      "Garlisk's got a lov-el-y bunch of coconuts."


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                          Windows ME comp:

                          A: = Floppy (1.44MB)
                          C: = Windows (3GB) WinME, My Docs and some programs (those that refuse to allow changing location at installation, grr)
                          D: = Downloads (1GB) Downloaded files
                          E: = Program Files (2GB) Program files
                          F: = Games (10GB) Games (UT + Thievery, UT2003, Sims, RtCW, NfS5 - Porsche)
                          G: = Utilities (3GB) Utilities, etc.
                          H: = Thief (5GB) Thief Gold, Thief 2, Darkloader, Fan Missions
                          I: = Media (14GB) Music, Pics, etc
                          J: = More Games (10GB) Misc. game demos, Overflow for F:
                          R: = CD-R/RW (800MB) Lite-On 16x10x40
                          60GB Disk. Remainder of 60GB disk partitioned for Linux (Linux not installed - yet).

                          Mandrake 9.0 + WinME comp:

                          A: = Floppy (1.44MB)
                          C: = Windows (2GB) WinME, My Docs and some programs
                          D: = Programs (3GB) Program Files, Utilities
                          E: = Games (10GB) Games, Downloads
                          M: = CD-Rom
                          R: = CD-R/RW (750MB) HP 8x4x32
                          / = (500MB) Root files
                          /boot = (50MB) Grub - Boot Manager
                          /usr = (3GB) Packages
                          /home = (1GB) Home Directories and files
                          /usr/local/games = (5GB) UT2003, Quake3, RtCW
                          /media = (4GB) Music, Pics, etc
                          /swap = (750MB) System Swap
                          40GB Disk.

                          Mandrake 8.2/9.0 Server:

                          30GB Disk = Mandrake 8.2
                          15GB Disk = Mandrake 9.0
                          Not going into details (would take too long).
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                          Know Linux, Know Choice.


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                            A: floppy..(dust collector)
                            C: 20 gig (everything)
                            D: 10 gig (kids stuff)
                            E: 52X Cd-rom
                            F: LiteOn CD-Rw 40X12X48X


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                              C: WindowsXP
                              D: M-F Porn
                              E: Lesbian Porn
                              F: Oral Porn
                              G: Donkey Porn
                              H: ThieveryUT
                              I: Orgy Porn
                              J: Porn Porn
                              K: Ram Drive for Quick Porn

                              Im running out of space though. Might have to delete ThieveryUT!