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    Originally posted by CaligoIpsa
    btw, is there a way to have my Documents and Settings folder on my data drive ( D: ) instead of my Windows drive ( C: ) ? I've always wanted it over there, but I can't figure out how.
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      Here goes:
      A: Lite-on black floppy drive
      C: 4gb - Windows @ Seagate 80gb
      D: 60gb - Program, games and downloaded files @ Seagate 80gb
      E: 16gb - Media stuff @ Seagate 80gb
      F: Lite-on 16x Dvdrom
      G: Lite-on 52x cdburner
      H: Fantom cd image drive
      "There's no problem that can't be solved with a big crate!"


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        Originally posted by LeatherMan
        Install Windows on the 2GB hard drive, keep all of your valuable info on the other drive. The semi-monthly reformat and reinstall could not get any easier ...
        The problem with this is there is no reason to reformat. Ever. Unless you are trying to get around bad sectors which usually isn't worthwhile. So, basically, never. Reformatting to reinstall Windows is a non-sequitur.

        The drives on this Pentium 200 are boring:
        A: Ye Olde Drive of Uselessness
        C: 4GB HD that makes weird noises sometimes.
        D: Some old CD-ROM drive.
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          You could just go the easy way.

          A: - Obvious
          C: - 60gig Maxtor HD with Win XP and stuff. (39.4gig is My Music folder)
          D: - 4x4x32 CD-RW drive
          E: - DVD drive 12x
          F: - 20gig Maxtor HD named music, but so far holding only a copy of Office 2000.

          PC2 :twisted:
          A: - Once again, Obvious
          C: 60gig Maxtor HD with Win XP and stuff.
          D: I/O 40x CD-ROM
          E: Currently nonfunctional Philips CD-RW800
          O: Mapped network drive to 'My Music' folder of PC1
          Z: Mapped network drive to 'F: (Music)' of PC1

          I'm gonna install Redhat on pc1 in afew days, after I've burned/copied my stuff off the harddrive and fdisked it. Yay! Linux goodness....Mmmmm, tasty.
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            A:\ hummm wtf is that for ?
            C:\ 20gig Win98se in a removable tray. (swap with a 13gig to backup stuff).
            D:\ 60gig (2x30gig in RAID) WinXP.
            E:\ CD burner 16/10/40 teac
            F:\ DVD 16X

            btw Grank, I use to do that too on my old PC ...ramdrive trick, but for now i'm low on ram.
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