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    Save a frame from a video as a image file? Prefferably i would like to be able to do this without buying a program, but even if i have to it would be ok.


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    That's easy. In your video program go to video settings and set hardware acceleration to off(slider all the way to the left). Use the program's screen capture option or hit print screen.
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      Sal speaks the truth!!


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        Yeah yeah, it's true, but it also degrades the quality. Still, better than nothing.


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          I'm sure I've heard of a video-screen grabber program. Tried google?
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            Snatchit! Is one such thing, but if you're using the demo, it only captures in 250x200, and pastes "Snatchit! Demo" across the center of the screen, as seen here in the frame I got my avatar from.

            It luckily worked out for me.

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              never used it myself, but have you heard of FRAPS?
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                Or, you can download and install the K-lite codec pack - one of the best codec packs on the internet in my opinion:


                Once installed, load up "windows media player classic". It has an option to take a screen shot by simply pressing a single key, without losing image quality by turning off the hardware acceleration.


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                  Windows Movie Maker came free with my computer, so i always use that.
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                    Ati File Player does that too. But an ATI card is needed.
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