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  • So, the gallery...

    ...why don't you use it since you've been asking for it for so long time?

    We'll try to get the photos from the old album up there too. And if you got some new pics, be sure to load em up!

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    K, so briefly, for the dim among us how do we upload our pictures?


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      I've been trying to get some pics of me for a while, but I can't seem to find one I like enough to do it with...
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        Let's get some Thievery faces in there!

        edit: Mach, up the top left hand corner there is a big button called "Upload picture" - just a note, you have to upload pics off your hard-drive and not from another website (at least, that's what I found.)

        Some shuggy goodness added
        .:Mockers Thievery Guild:.
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          Shug, thanks. Photo approved. Btw, I think you're drinking too much...


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            I guess.... maybe... just maybe... I'll post a real picture of myself, instead of the silly mechanical monster you all think I am!


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              What! You mean to say your not a mechanical monster?!?

              -Might post up some funky thievery action shots, I got plenty in the bag
              What size do they have to be at mode?
              .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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                Originally posted by TafferBoy
                What size do they have to be at mode?
                Same or less than 1024 px (width or height) and same or less than 100 kB. The system will resize the picture once uploaded, and create thumbnails etc.


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                  Ok, I uploaded 3 for now, I hope thats what your looking for
                  .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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                    Screenshots approved.

                    Keep em coming!


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                      would be fun if everyone from the comunity would upload a pic of them selves! =) Im a perfectionist or what you call it, so I would like the photo album to be pics on only the ppl from the community and not other bs Maybe even categorise the pics after guild members and none-guild members, like "TuF" (and under TuF we have the pics of the TuF members) "M" "CrkZ" "ToB" "TWW" "none-guild" and so on..haha, would be cool

                      I'm gonna upload a pic of me when I get home! peace..
                      .: Infiltrator - Mockers Thievery Guild :.



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                        There *are* an album dedicated to the pretty faces of the people in this community.

                        Categorizing people people in guilds, will be just too much work I guess. And I very much doubt everyone in a guild will upload their picture.


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                          I would like to upload a picture of myself too louie, maybe all the mockers can do it, although you might regret it when you see my picture

                          My main problem with that is; I dunno If I have a good picture to scan and upload + I lack access to a digital camera. I might look into this next week some time, when I'm not as busy
                          .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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                            What about making "public groups" each person could add themselves to a particular "guild group" I notice the option on the board but it's not currently being used.

                            Of course there would be a degree of trust that each memeber wouldn't go adding themselves to multiple guilds, but surely this could be moderated? (hint hint - make me a mod!)

                            Just an idea.


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                              anyone know who the anonamous chic is?

                              ok, maybe i'll see if I can find a decent pic of me and upload it.