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  • Another Thievery Tools

    I am programmer, so i developed this program :

    Main Features :
    - Change Loadout names
    - Bind anything to anything
    - Turn ON/OFF visibility meter
    - Change some other preferences

    Cool Features :
    - Multiple keybinds (Sets). You can make sets and switch between them ingame (Thief and Guard Set for example). In every set you can have binds specific for thief, guard, whatever.
    - Custom binds. You can export your binds and you friend will import it and set to keys
    - Sharing : You can save all you settings to ONE file and share them on the web. Collections of binds.
    - Separate Build : You can choose what to build (build means that program will change thievery settings.

    Backup all your ini files from UT\system folder, because this is BETA and it may do some mess with your thievery (but it worked fine on my computer)

    so if you want to download it, go here :

    It has some bugs for sure, tell me and i'll fix it.

    Try to guess how many days/weeks i've been developing this. First prize is source code

    EDIT : i forgot : do not try to run this on less than 800x600. :grin: . It has a BIG dialog window. It also require some amount of RAM.

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    Fucking nice, man!
    I love it!


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      Man, that's a nice program. Good interface as well!

      Can't wait to try it out!


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        Wow. Nice work.


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          Originally posted by koraX
          Try to guess how many days/weeks i've been developing this. First prize is source code
          4 days?


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            I have already started working on a norwegian language support.
            I'll send you the file when I'm done, KoraX.


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              I Uploaded some example of multiple sets (Thief, Guard and Spectator set). It is on my ATT (another thievery tools) page.

              In next version I'll will implement changing language from program.

              I this version you must overwrite default.lng file.

              Also i haven't put all texts all language file. Some are hardwired (like dropdown menus), But I'm working on it.

              And not, it was not 4 days


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                HOLY S*** That's frikkin' nice!

                "Garlisk's got a lov-el-y bunch of coconuts."


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                  Just a note: the program doesn't retrieve Thievery settings finely. If UT is not installed to the default folder, the program won't notice it and just stop responding.

                  I haven't had time to try it out yet, but it looks nice.


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                    EDIT : Set your UT directory in Thievery-SetUTDirectory and than it will find your UT


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                      Sweet program.


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                        Why can't i bind the numpad return key?

                        Also, don't know how you fixed it, but you can retrieve the UT install dir automatically from the register. Ask Chainsaws about it.


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                          in UT, the big Enter is the same as numpad enter. So i disabled the other one.

                          It is same in Shift, Alt, Ctrl. Printscreen cannot be binded.

                          Other standard keys can be binded


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                            Can this bind the Windows key (0x80)?

                            Also, cool though this tool is, I really don't see why people hate just editing .ini files by hand -- it's not like it's that hard.
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                              it seems to be cool this program but because of my bad english I didnt understood a lot ops: I hope my brother explain it to me...
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