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Thief 3 AI a little too easy?

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  • Thief 3 AI a little too easy?

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      HAHAHA, the two first pics was nice.. the two last was a little over reacting for my humour.. nice one though
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        Eh eh. Reminds me when I stole the book in St. Edgar's.
        Now I had waited for the hammerite to go away but failed miserably to get out of the room before he came (too busy looking at the stained glass :p)
        Anyway, the hammer stops by the book and sudendly he starts freaking out when he notices the book is gone. He was so much on panic state that I thought "good job, now I have to BJ a hammer or the whole place goes on full alert". Sudenly the guy goes like "nah, im worrying for nothing" resumes his position and goes out the room.
        I stood there for a minute just thinking "wtf?!"

        Anyone noticed that Garret's mechanical eye now sudenly looks like a cybernetic implant?
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          it funny but i'm with loUie, the last 2 are overkill
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            I agree, the AI are just dumb. I ran in front of them and they say "probably just a rat".
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              The last two are over the top? You gotta be kidding me! The guards really are that stupid! "Yep, he's dead alright." "Guess it was nothing"


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                Errr... you guys know about this, right?

                Or are you all just being silly?

                Quoted from
                Thief: Not-So Deadly Shadows - 5:43:59 AM - Dan
                There seems to be a huge consensus amongst Thief: DS players that the difficulty bug in the game is real and probably won't be going away with any user-tweaks that can be thought of. Just to give a heads-up to those who haven't seen this thread, the bug is thus:

                No matter what difficulty level you set it to, as soon as you load a saved game, or enter a mission partition you've already visited, the difficulty level of the AI gets reset to Normal... so if you've been playing the game on Expert all this time, though you've had the expert loot objectives, the AI settings have been set to normal.

                At the moment all we can do is hope and pray that there's someone still at ION Storm who can make a patch for this bug, and that eidos will allow them to do so. Otherwise, we may have to go through this site and change every mention of the game's title to something like... Thief: Easy Shadows... or Thief: Cozy Shadows.

                At least now I can gloat over the fact that I've only played two missions of the game (plus spent a few hours in The City), due to lack of time and dedication to working on the website. I feel bad for those of you who've already played the game, while fretting over how easy it was. I've decided to stop playing altogether until either a patch has been released for it, or it becomes clear that there will never be a patch. I enjoyed the two missions I played a great deal, but I definitely think I would have enjoyed them more if I had actually been playing on expert like I thought I had been.
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                  I can't tell you how many times I have said this, and others have said the samething as well. It has been all over the various forums, Eidos, ISA, and TTLG.

                  I have had it confirmed to me, and yes
                  There will be a patch.

                  I have had the information about the patch, confirmed by RedLegg an administrator, who I have known the past 4 years over at the Eidos forum. Yes, a patch is coming, no specific details to when, and what else it will fix, besides the AI bug.

                  More later when it is available.


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                    lol it's still so funny! XD that artist is great! LOL


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                      Nice comic, thats exactly how it is too hahha....

                      Can't wait for them to patch the AI,
                      I'm not playing it untill it's patched.
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                        yeah, once it's released I'll buy the game for the PC, but I'm among the countless other XBOX players that are dissapointed in teh AI but aren't going to get a patch.
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                          that's why xbox=teh sux