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  • Geek Quiz Stage 1 And 2

    Okay, this following quiz is taken from the brand new june 2004 issue of Maximum PC, my bible. This will tell you what level of a geek you are. I will give you questions, and multiple choice answers. If you can answer the questions right, you will know how big of a geek you are. To keep this post "short" I will only post stage 1 and 2 for now, so here we go:

    Stage 1: If you can answer nine of the following 10 question correctly, you're safely elevated above the tragic label of the Geekus Ignoramus

    1) Which is not true about flash memory?
    A It retains data without external power
    B It has a limited number of write/rewrite cycles
    C It cannot be reformatted
    D It's used in cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs

    2) How many pixels are there on a flat panel display with a native resolution of 1280x1024?
    A 728,110
    B 1,310,720
    C 1,920,000
    D 2,560,000

    3) Complete this series: QWE, ASD, ...
    A ZXC
    B QAZ
    C WSX
    D EDC

    4) LCDs have never been described with the term:
    A Active matrix
    B Dual scan
    C Thin Film transistor
    D Local antialiasing

    5) More people are killed in Africa by ________ than by lions every year.
    A Hyenas
    B Rhinoceroses
    C Tigers
    D Hippopotamuses

    6) Apples's iTunes music shop uses which audio compression scheme
    A AAC
    B OGG
    C WMA
    D MP3

    7) BIOS stands for:
    A Basic input/output system
    B Basic input/output summary
    C B-level input/output system
    D Batch input/output summary

    8) The information you get from RSS is usually called a:
    A Push
    B Summary File
    C Plan file
    D Feed

    9) Which term isn't associated with wireless connectivity?
    A 802.11g
    B IR
    C HomePlug
    D Bluetooth

    10) What's the codename for Microsoft's next-gen operating system?
    A Longhorn
    B Bullhorn
    C Foghorn
    D Leghorn

    Geekus Ingoramus

    Helpless as a finless sea lion in rough surf, the Geekus Ignoramus is utterly clueless about technology. These lowly geeks might think of themselves as "computer enthusiasts" but spend most of their time in PowerPoint, and the only real enthusiasm is that of the IT department when G.I.s finally go home.
    Stumbling upon the habitat of a Geekus Ignoramus, you can be fairly assured you'll find a foofy pocket calculator masquerading as a desktop PC and Post-Its strafed over every available surface.

    TIVO SELECTIONS: Reality television with sexy themes; reruns of Cooking with Two Fat Ladies

    GAMEPLAY: "Mary Had a Little Lamb" with telephone keypad


    1=C, 2=B, 3=A, 4=D, 5=D, 6=A, 7=A, 8=D, 9=C, 10=A

    Stage 2: If you can answr 18 of the following 20 questions correctily, reward yourself with a new videocard for you graduation from the family of Geekus Primitivus

    1) Match the connectors with their photos:
    A Serial ATA
    B IEEE 1394a
    C IEEE 1394b
    D Mini-USB

    (There was a photo of the following connections, but I'm too lazy/drunk to scan it, so this question is omitted).

    2) What radio frequency do 802.11g wireless networks use?
    A 802.11 MHz
    B 900 MHz
    C 1.9 MHz
    D 2.54 GHz

    3) Who makes the graphics accelerator in the Xbox?
    A ATI
    B Trident
    C Intel
    D nVidia

    4) What is the data rate of a 2x DVD?
    A 300 KB/s
    B 1.32 MB/s
    C 2.46 MB/s
    D 5.28 MB/s

    5) Match the acronym with the resolution it represents:
    A XGA 1 640x480
    B UXGA 2 800x600
    C SVGA 3 1024x768
    D VGA 4 1600x1200

    6) A soundcard with a 24-bit DSP and 16-bit codecs can only:
    A Output at 16-bit
    B Give you 40-bit audio when both channels are combined
    C Give you 24-bit audio, but only through the optical port
    D Internally sample audio at 32-bit resolution

    7) Intel announced in 2003 that it had shipped more than _____ CPUs
    A 500 million
    B 1 billion
    C 3 billion
    D 5 billion

    8) HDMI is a:
    A Cable type for connecting high-definition veideo components
    B Shader language for game development
    C Digital rights manament proposal
    D Term we just made up thas nothing to do with PCs

    9) Which connection type has the most bandwidth?
    A PCI
    B AGP 4x
    C Serial ATA
    D High-Speed USB

    10) Which is not a type of battery formulation?
    A Lithium-polymer
    B Nickel metal-hydride
    C Ferric calcium-oxide
    D Lithium-ion

    11) The one part of a hard drive which must never, ever be covered up is the:
    A Power connector
    B Data connector
    C Breath hole
    D Platter Zone

    12) A passive cooling rig won't have:
    a Heat pipes
    B Moving parts
    C Heatsinks
    D A videocard

    13) What is steganography?
    A Using quantum mechanics to transmit encrypted messages with photons
    B Using "recursive" encryption, or multiple layers of encryption on a single message
    C Hiding a secret message within another message or file
    D The fancy term for a "rebus"

    14) BTX is an acronym for:
    A Breakthrough technology extension
    B Bullet time extreme
    C Balanced technology extended
    D Balanced technical extensions

    15) Commercial DVD Video discs are usually:
    A Dual layer
    B Double sided
    C Dual format
    D Double density

    16) In 2003, a lawsuit erupted between hard drive manufacturers and consumers over:
    A Slow performance
    B The definition of a byte
    C Excessively loud noise
    D A print advertisement that used the slogan "Byte Me"

    17) Which extension will you not find in a DVD Video disc?
    A MPG
    B IFO
    C VOB
    D BUP

    18) What belongs between your CPU and heatsink?
    A Thermal paste
    B Dark matter
    C Conductive disc
    D Copper plating

    19) What does MAME do?
    A It's a script-kiddie weapon for developing Trojans
    B Lets you play old arcade games on you PC
    C Manages Windows Services running in the background
    D It's a dongle-based PC lockdown device

    20) BitTorrent is:
    A An ecryption standard
    B A peer-to-peer protocol
    C A type of hacker assault
    D An alternative GUI for Linux

    Geekus Primitivus

    The Geekus Primitivus is starting to get it. But just barely. Geekus Primitivuses are discriminating. They've got a little taste, and as a matter of pride, they'll call IT only when absolutely necessary - they'd prefer to figure it out on their own. Still, they can't quite conceal their technological inadequacy behind store-bought machines and a couple of DivX movie downloads. Nonetheless, there are signs that geek culture is beginning to draw them in: the PowerBar is a clear sign of adaptation to a sedentary lifestyle.

    TIVO SELECTIONS: Alias, Win Ben Stein's Money

    GAMEPLAY: Star Trek Elite Force 2, real-time strategy games (set to "easy")


    1=A2 B3 C1 D4, 2=D, 3=D, 4=C, 5=A3 B4 C2 D1, 6=A, 7=B, 8=A, 9=B, 10=C, 11=C, 12=B, 13=C, 14=C, 15=A, 16=B, 17=A, 18=A, 19=B, 20=B

    Have fun taking the quiz, and don't cheat! Let's see how big of a geek you really are

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    I don't like quizes though


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      gawd i don't want to know what i got.
      I have sex with my hand!


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        The answer is: Google
        Immortius' Forge


        • #5
          Got one right, the one with the keyboard sequence. That's all. I have no clue whatsoever for the rest on the Qs.



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            I got 'em all. And I'm still barely half the geek Rat is. ^_^
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              Originally posted by DarkBill
              I got 'em all. And I'm still barely half the geek Rat is. ^_^
              You got all thirty question right, damn, you are a geek!!!! The questions get even harder on stage 3 and 4, so just wait!!!


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                Originally posted by DarkBill
                I got 'em all. And I'm still barely half the geek Rat is. ^_^
                Odd, I didn't get them all.


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                  I only got about 2/3rds of them right. Bloody bleeding egde technology. Give me the good'old IRQ and DMA addresses anyday
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