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funny ending to a traditional match

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  • funny ending to a traditional match

    the traditional aquatone strat seems to be for the guards to eventually camp the elevator (i start at spawn. but most join me near the end)

    well. i went a bit overboard with my firebolts and was down to one health. me and the sole remaining guards are at the elevator. eventually it is only one guard left (i had stepped on a mine)

    i am a rat. have a little bit of fun with another rat, and am dead and looking up the shaft as the thief rides up. all of a sudden as i am typing "good game. and where the hell was the guard?" i see something falling.

    none other than the thief.

    i really hope the guard who survived would be willing to post the ending to that. all i could see was the thief fall. would really love to know what happened.

    i have had great games before (teaming with Lurox and trapping on Korman 1.0, almost any game with laughing rat, etc) but never an ending that was so funny, yet warranted asking on the boards for the ending (since i had to go do something before i could be answered)

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    Hahaha, nice one. Would have wanted to be there...

    Oh and... no pics in the sig.


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      sorry. but i am pretty sure there is an option or added code that disables the [img] for sigs. maybe use that? this way you don't have to tell anyone else. heh


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        there was code in place to remove it, but apparently the recent upgrade deleted it, so we need to readd it in.
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          Originally posted by Thwark
          there was code in place to remove it, but apparently the recent upgrade deleted it, so we need to readd it in.


          I'd really like sig pictures...


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            THAT ENDING WASNT FUNNY :x I was the last thief and I think cuffed was the last guard...I set the mine besides your and near your whistle you stepped and you died from this...then I set a crack arrow for the last guard and when I went to elevator noone was there...and the elevator down...I though something strange going on or the guard was dumb and left elevator for some reason...I stepped on elevator and for fun I looked up and release the crack arrow and crack myself...while I was *cough* I heard a "goop" something on my head...The guard was upstairs and fall on my head...guard wins... :x I was really pissed of but it was a good trick I wonder how he fall on my head from a great high :cry:
            ANYWAYS!!! I have seen much better endings :|
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              not saying it was a great ending. just saying it was hysterical (at least from my view)

              and before i died and we were all terrified of you, i recall him talking about hiding up there with a catfall. maybe that is how he survived.


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                Originally posted by -=V12US=-
                I'd really like sig pictures...
                Img-sig's is 1000 times worse than an avatar.


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                  OK OK OK... I was the last guard. I had two cats from a thief I killed, and it was me and one_gundam_war left on guard, and tis was last thief. one only had ONE spec of life left, so I knew he was a goner. I took the elevator up and got off, standing to the side. I waited a bit. The elevator went down. I wait again. Then it started moving up... Time for my plan to unfold. I drink the cat with mace charge and jump onto elevator, scaring the crap out of the thief so badly that he jumped off th elevator to his death in great fear of me. *Guard music starts* I win, but by God, I wanted that damn kill. I had 2 tags and a para ready too, just in case, though I needed them not. And yes, that was a very good game. Made my heart pound, and I love it when TUT gives me a mild heart attack.

                  But I swear, and I mean I swear, but maybe it was the heart attack, that when I jumped onto the elevator, it started going DOWN again, stopped midway up and went down. Weird. Any of the spectators notice this?

                  And by the way, where did you get "cuffed" from tis? heh.
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