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    There are some really awesum new release albums out.
    Some of note are;

    Korn - Take a look in the Mirror
    Slipknot - Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses
    Fear Factory - Archetype
    Drowning Pool - Desensitized
    KillSwitch Engage - The End Of Heartache
    Mudvayne - The End of All Things to Come.

    Metal and rock havn't seen this many albums released in such a short time, in ages

    Rock on.
    deserve victory

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    Yeah, I'm a big Fear Factory fan, as The Machine is...

    I havent bought Archetype yet. Next pay day, i'll visit the music store.

    In my oppinion the rest is new crap. Yep i'm old fashioned in music taste.
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      Each to his own.
      I'd say fear factory is one of the least old school of the bunch, but hey .
      deserve victory


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        My brother is a musician. He's on several Soulfly albums, and has even toured with Max and company. I live in Phoenix, and Max (lead singer of Soulfly) lives about 6 blocks from my parents house. My brother was in the studio when Slipknot came to town and played on the latest Soulfly album (this was extremely exciting for him, because he's a huge Slipknot fan, he can play the drums for every Slipknot song ever made, so if they ever needed a replacement drummer, my brother would be it).

        My brother is in a hip hop group called Cut Throat Logic. There manager is Max's wife. Last month they won "Best Hip Hop Group" in a battle of the bands style contest. It was put on by New Times Magazine, which is a huge local magazine that holds this contest once a year, so it is quite an accomplishment. I hate hip hop, but this is completely different, all the hip hop beats are made by live instruments instead of a pre-recorded beat. If you've ever seen the MTV unplugged with Jay-Z who had The Roots make the hip hop beats, than you know what I'm talking about.


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          Normally I dont like metal or rock, but Korn and Drowning Pool is kewl.
          Especially that soundtrack Drowning Pool made for the Trible xXx movie. Hawt song
          Korn has got one cool album, I dunno the name atm but there are children in comic style on it and they made the first video of the album with that children and the comic style in the end too.
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            You're probably thinking of 'Follow the Leader' by KoRn, Sandy.
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              Fear Factory are certainly the oldest of those bands, and they HAVE gone back to how they used to be in that latest album.

              KoRns latest is ok too, Mudvayne Fixxxer likes but I'm not to keen, still, some songs they have done do catch my ear. Slipknots latest I've not heard, Killswitch Engage I challenge you to:

              a) Tell the difference between that and the first album

              b) Tell me when the tracks change

              It's a shame because the guy can sing, but he just screams bloody hell all the way through all the tracks.

              Drowning pools latest is actually very very good.

              Saying that I've been listening to classical music lately... maybe I'm going soft? stay tuned for a fluffly bunny avatar soon.


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                I agree totally with machine
                But I think korn -talitm is really good.
                Drowning pools new album also rocks very hard.
                deserve victory


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                  I like korn allthough I don't listen much of it now ,sometimes it's still in my cd-player in my car wich will result in some speeding tickets


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                    "Wake Up Hate" is the speediest song :-) Great to bomb round the m60 to.


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                      Machine, just because it's classical doesn't mean it's "lite". Personally I have a song known as "the devil's dance" by Stravinsky and it is at least as "heavy" as any of my dedicated rock (Black Sabbath and Deep Purple spring to mind out of my collection) I have also heard a classical violin piece that sounds a lot like a rock guitar solo. It's not part of my collection so I cannot name it.
                      If you are actually going soft, I think a pair of bunny ears on Terminator's head would express that. Would make it more frighting for me too
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                        Yeah thats what I like about it, it's powerful, It has feeling, the best music is the stuff which sends shivers down my spine, music like Machineheads - Descend the shades of Night, or KoRns - Kill You, truely powerful songs. SoulFly did a good one called "Bleed" which was written about one of Max's friends who had been murdered, the other song on the album he screams "Rapist... you'll have no redemption, burn burn, burn motherfucker!!" When I first heard that, and realised what is about it made my whole body cold. That song since that day has stuck in my head.

                        Adagio for strings by Samual Barber has the same effect for me. Dispite being classical music I don't see it as any less "intense" just not assosiated with the "hard man" image of Heavy metal.


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                          I love songs that send shivers down your spine.
                          It's the only thing worth living for, music.
                          deserve victory


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                            Im going to KoRn concert on tuesday, support In Extremo and Static-X.
                            I dont like the new Korn Lp that much, but its very direct.

                            Btw cool thing Anarchaticcacta arg.


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                              Nice seamann you lucky bastard .