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    Why is there a spider in the forum? And a robotic one at that, it seems.

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    It left. and its probably a search engine spider.


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      Weird. That's the first time I HAVEN'T seen it there. It's the MSN bot spider. Anything botlike or spiderlike and associated with Miآ¢ro$oft scares me.


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        MSN Bot sucks bigtime. I don't think it does anything but indexing websites. I had to ban it on the other server when we first converted to vBulletin, since it spent lots of bandwidth each day not doing anything usefull.

        But if you ever happen to see Google Bot, please say hello to it from me.


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          i said hi last month

          helped me find a few of my old threads, reallly.
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            Jeah, the google bots are funny. Your site doesn't really exist until it gets swarmed by littler googlebots who put you on the map.

            I envision them sort of like those spider things from Minority report.


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              They try to navigate my server and have heart attacks. Quite smart really when you see all the things they try to find any extra pages. They look for a Home.htm, an Index.htm and look and look but they find nothing. Paitient but. They will try for 6 or 7 hours to find the rest of the site. (my site currently consists of a page saying آ¨somewhere to store stuffآ¨"and not much else)
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                Send them a PM