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RLF/EDG Match May Be Moving

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  • RLF/EDG Match May Be Moving

    Sorry to post this here, but I needed everyone to see this last minute notice.

    The Crackaz server is having problems and MAY not be available today for the 4pm EST match. In the event the server is not available or the password doesn't work I'd like to try and have us use the RLF server.

    When we get on the RLF server if the lag is bad or if something interfers with smooth play then we'll have to postpone. If any member of EDG feels uncomfortable with this arrangement we can postpone outright.

    Sorry about that.

    Once again, if you are unable to get onto the Crackaz Practice server at 4pm EST or your password doesn't work then try the RLF server. I'll set the password for the RLF server to be the same as what it was going to be for the match if it was on Crackaz.

    Thank you.
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