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Question about gaming in general and cheaters

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  • Question about gaming in general and cheaters

    Recently, I started playing the old UT a little more. I had forgotten how enjoyable it is. I usually play with bots, but I experimented a bit with joining some public servers. I had some good games, but one time in particular, I strongly suspected another player of using aimbot. In fact I believe I may have run into 2 cheaters over a two day period.

    How commonplace is it in other games/mods for cheaters to appear in public games? Is it a big problem? We don't appear to have many here in TUT, but our community is so small. Please help out this old gal and tell me what you young'uns know about this!
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    hmm it depends which game... Counter Strike is probably about 10% cheating community UT proly has about 30% of a cheating community and hmmm battlefield 1942 has about 5% cheaters... Those are pretty much the only games i ever play or ever played and im just making assumptions with ut and battlefield so there you go if im wrong correct me please heh i could use a little help...
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      There always were and always will be online cheaters, just like there always were and always will be egoists. In fact, I'd dare to claim that all online cheaters are either underage/intoxicated or egoists.


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        Since the subject has come up...

        Originally posted by Primal from forum

        Jeff Morris from Epic Games has posted on the official UT2004 forums with details of how you can help Epic tackle the problem of piracy and cheating in UT2004.

        Atari Forum Thread

        Epic Games is very interested in locating any websites that contain either illegal copies of, or multiplayer cheats for, Unreal Tournament 2004. If you know of such a site (or forum, or ftp server, or filename on a p2p service, etc..), please email us, including as many details as you can, at:

        Abuse Email

        Epic Games takes violations of its intellectual property very seriously, including the blight of online cheats. We are committed to investigating and acting on each reported site or individual. With your help we can better combat these nuisances and ensure a more enjoyable gaming experience for you, our legitimate customers.


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          Interesting to see how the Internet tells us things about people we never actually meet. The relative anonymity (urks sp?) combined with the wide audience is a welccome invitation to drop all barriers and restrictions and behave in a way which would never be done in real live along with exibitioning the most private feelings and stuff. Thats why we have fur/grandma porn, trolls, cheaters, spammers, phedophile forums, arian nations forums, goth forums (olol)etc, etc. I met some pretty dumb people in my life, but boy, when i got internet i was in for a shock . Just read Something Awfuls Weekend Web and marvel at the sheer madness human minds can produce...and thank god theyre miles away from you . For conclusion, ein weises Sprichwort : Jeder kann ne eigene Meinung haben, mann muss aber nicht unbedingt.


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            I personally don't think that there are a lot of cheaters in ut2004. At least, I don't think that I've come across any yet. I never played a lot of UT online though so I wouldn't know about that but when I did play there didn't appear to be cheaters. I don't think there are many people who would want to come home, boot up a game, and duct tape down the 'fire' key and watch it for a couple of hours. Although like most things, there are exceptions. I'd say thievery is like CS in that experts generally trash the newbies with no problem and seem like cheaters. I know when I was playing CS, it seemed as if I were playing against cheaters but I learned that the more I played, the better i got against the suspected cheaters. So in my opinion and through my personal experience, no i don't think that there are alot of cheaters around.


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              There's a fine line between skill and cheating...
              Some players litterallly do nothing but play that single game all day. Of course they will become insanely good at it, over time. Same is true for Thievery.
              Some players can just get unnoticed and unharmed by even the craziest defense, grab the loot and get out alive again, before the guards knew what hit them... And some guards can simply kill a thief before he realises what hit him... Which is very fun to do btw.


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                There is a large percent of cheaters in WC3. Some of them got their cd-keys permanently banned. Others there accounts reset or deleted. Repeated abuses of maphacks caused them to get their cd keys perma banned.

                Wc3 you can view and download replays easily. So you can see if an opponent is cheating.

                Just for your info I never cheated in TUT or any online multiplayer game without consent.(like when you cheat in Warcraft 2 with your friend online, that is ok because you and him agreed).

                I'm 20 years old and do not express my anger in the way I used to. Losing sometimes is funny for me now, and more of a learning experience. If only I could show you guys then you would believe me.


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                  cheaters in UT2004? I have played with a server that one of the player's raptor is almost invicible (he/she stopped by the node, steady, took my 9 rockets directly and still shooting the node)

                  I have not see any cheater in AS mod yet, but I know there is a way to do it in the server to make the marines infinite ammo, no need to reload, infinite grenade and infinite health. People who cheat often may know what I am talking about. But I normally join other's server, so I do not use that cheat...

                  [EDIT] I do know that pink buster is intended for preventing cheat codes, but it is not that good, b/c there is lots of other ways to cheat...[/EDIT]
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                    I remember in AOE2(When I was younger and a total newbie) I played against this guy called China_god. I could have sworn that he cheated but a couple of years later when i returned to the game, I found that he wasn't cheating at all and i was able to do what he was able to do and I was glad that I didn't accuse him or anything. I used to hate losing Unstop, but it became almost rare to me that it did become kind of fun, so i know what yah mean. I think that staying in 2nd place is easier than staying in first place sometimes. If you can apply this situation here.


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                      yeah, I heard the rumor that there is some guys in CS who literally "feel" where the other are hidding...I am not sure if that is true, but if you have played the same map long enough, you will know where people can hide and shoot before they ever notice...even if there is nobody there, a couple of shots does not hurt too much either...
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                        You mean going full-auto as you round a commonly camped corner?

                        That's a tad different from suddenly spinning 149 degrees, as soon as you enter a room, to pick off an opponent right behind you with a single headshot.

                        Hrm... Cheaters...

                        Well, the Diablo 1 online population is composed of 99% of the players either using "hacks" directly, or using cheated items. The other 1% play in private games. That is, if 100 people still play D1...


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                          It's hard to know about cheating sometimes. Many people are heard crying that it is an epidemic online - but they're probably the kind of person that accuses anyone finishing on top in a round. Certainly, a majority of players are clean. You'll find the most cheaters in DM games like UT or CS - simply because of the volume of players, and the popularity of the game increasing the demand for attainable program hacks. I'm often 50/50 about hacking; the two online games I've played the most of have involved facing up against literally the best of the best - in CS the best players in Australia (clans like p, Ui, 12m back in 1.1), and in Thievery an assortment of guildsmen and freebooters alike (you know who you are). I even knew a fella that ranked 128 on the world-wide Champions League for Quake CS ladder for frags/minute. And you could tell he wasn't a cheater; he was just smart, and absolutely deadly.

                          I think there are a damn sight more accusers in games like CS than there are actual cheaters; a conclusion I reached after about six months of playing. The only time I ever bagged people was when it was dead obvious they were hacking (and I don't mean unnerring accuracy; that's not a sure sign. I'm talking about the length-of-the-map three round burst glock headshot that certain people would pull off every round). Wallhacking was more of a grey area, of course. People would spam through walls and maybe get kills; it was totally random. Killing people behind walls didn't mean you could see them (and idiots would let their gun barrel stick out past the side of their hiding spot, and then whinge when they died).

                          You get a more tolerant view of alleged cheaters when you're on the end of the accusations. The local CS servers installed a mod whereby a kickvote could be called, and a GUI would come up allowing a player to press 1 to kick and 2 to ignore. Amusingly enough I was kicked by popular demand after downing 6 terrorists using a deadly combination of TMP and glock. That in itself wasn't so remarkable; what lead to the kick was the fact that the last 5 were killed with me being on 14/100 health, and that I put down 2 groups of 2 enemies with dual headshots.

                          So, clearly LAN is the only way to go to prove you're a good, clean player. Right?
                          I stopped in at a local place one day, joined a server, was up 6 or 7 kills to no deaths. For CS vets the map was cbble, I'd purloined an AK and a T was waiting up in the spawn tower. He stuck his head up and promptly lost it to an AK round. A clamour of disgust and cries of "he's so obviously fucking cheating" rose from the other end of the hall, and the game cleared of all players a round or two later. Hmmmmm.

                          Moral? A lot of players are freaks. You can't be sure someone is cheating until they become quite obvious about it. Even intuition can play a part in winning a round.

                          Good aim is not tantamount to cheating. Then again Sneaky1, you WILL find cheaters online. It's just part of the package. You need to understand, however, that you cannot evaluate a player until you know the tricks of the game. Just the other day a new Thievery player was cut to shreds by Rodent, and was last heard yelling "OMG WHAT A FRIGGING CHEATER" - when it was pretty obvious where he was - darkness is not safety. If you play the game more, it'll be easier to gauge what's possible and what isn't.
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                            I don't see the point in cheating at all, I find it hard to argue about it too because I simply cannot see their side of the argument. We're just lucky here that every person suspected of cheating is investigated prior to anything happening, so chances are you won't be banned if you just "good"


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                              Yes, indeed we are blessed with a small community and avid investigations. Hopefully Night-Blade won't round in TOO many people.