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  • Uber TuT Movie Starz

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    May I present to you the greatest TUT movie of all time! Staring some of the biggest names in the game! It took 4 hours of filming time, with take after take... maybe one day I'll release the outtakes... because you wouldn't believe how hard it is for supposedly "uber" players to perform well on command (Agga excluded who did actually pull through when asked)

    You will NEED bit torrent to download this, as none of us have the bandwidth to host all of it.

    The quality is not ideal, but I'm learning!!!

    Get it here

    Credits :

    Director - Machine

    Camerawork - Machine

    Stars - Biohazard,

    Best boy - Chainsaws.

    Anybody wishing to star in the next thrilling/terrible installment please post here

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    Note: I was the only one that got paid for this.These others are just nOObs when it comes to acting!


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      Originally posted by Skull
      Note: I was the only one that got paid for this.These others are just nOObs when it comes to acting!
      Don't twist the facts skull. You were indeed payed yes, but you weren't payed for your acting, you got payed to leave the set because OF your acting.

      anyhow, the thingy video looks crap in it's current compression ... but twaz funy anyhow.
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        What?! You made a tut movie!?... Without uber crate stacking by the uber crate stacker himself?!!?
        That is silly...

        Edit: Ick! YOu reallly should ask for some help with encoding next time Mach! Seriously!
        Talk to me, and i'll give you the low down on how i encoded the Nightblade trailer.
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          Hey! I've been trying now for a while to make a movie also. lol, I tried to get my people do do that double mario thing(Starwhores and me actually did that in-game as guards against two thieves, no acting! and it was timed perfectly!) but ummmm beowolf kind of went postal O_o; We did get this sweet scene of sandman climbing a rope and marioing 3 guards in a row I have some other sweet scenes but i'll hold off on them until I release the vid! I think my video quality is excellent, but i wouldn't mind if someone gave me some pointers after i release it


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            Yeah, I could have released it as a crystal clear 400mb movie, but yes, mb, I do need some pointers on compression!! What would you suggest?


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              wow i've never seen a torrent go so fast!
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                Probably because I already downloaded it and you're DLing from me! LOL LOL


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                  i cant see the video, what codecs do i need?
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                    It was nice, though I saw very little from the garbled output. I had to watch it in a super-small window to get a general view. Well, it looked nice still as I got the hang of some scenes. That part where the guard ran around in slo-mo and thieves abounded in shadows was too long/boring compared to the other parts.

                    Make a scene where a guard enters a dark room and then reveals something like nine or ten hidden taffers in the room by switching the lights on and off again "Must've been my imagination..."

                    The credits were funnay.
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                      What's the name of that song? I can't put my finger on it...

                      I think it's from the Matrix, but can someone confirm?


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                        Confirmed. Don't know the name of it, though.
                        It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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                          Overseer - Supermoves

                          Used in the "Animatrix" and "Need for speed: underground" among others.


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                            Originally posted by TheMachine
                            Anybody wishing to star in the next thrilling/terrible installment please post here
                            sounds.. interesting! Besides, i've got absolutely nothing to do as it is!

                            You need to make one where it's a detective story. Trace our master taffers through crimescenes and catch them in the act!

                            *watches the final scene as Gerome calls inthe Brute squad to arrest/maim the perpetators
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                              Heh, I didn't see that Rad.
                              I'm able to be an actor if you're willing to have me.
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