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The Big Book of Guarding Strategies by Jester

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  • The Big Book of Guarding Strategies by Jester

    (A mod might want to sticky this for a week or 2)

    I've often said I wrote the book on guarding. Some laughed, but those who were in the know...knew.

    Now, for the first time ever, the PUBLIC release of:

    The Big Book of Guarding Strategies!
    By Jester (aka Garlisk)

    This is a list of basic strategies for guards, which should be applicable on nearly any map. They are not intended for use in Guildwars, where map specific strategies may be required.

    The strategies in this guide will have examples, but its up to you to see where you can use them on the maps.

    Lets take a look at the different general styles of Guarding.

    Roamer: A roamer is a guard that just runs around, flarescanning, shadowslashing, and bumping around the map with the idea of randomly finding thieves.

    Camper: A camper is someone who sets up in an area, and does not move for any reason but death.

    Ambusher: An ambusher is somewhat like a camper, but does move from place to place, and uses traps only sometimes.

    Backup/Archer: A backup is someone who follows another person around, usually a roamer that follows another roamer with the crossbow.

    The Roamer

    Lets start with some loadouts. What we're looking for here is SPEED. We want to really get around. So, we'll use the sword. Here are some good things to use.

    Light Objects (tags, firebolts)

    Example: Sword, Helmet, Repair, 2 Firebolts, 2 Health, 2 Speed.

    With a loadout like this, we can easily get around while armed, and easily light a thief and catch him with the speeds. We are protected from uncharged hits, and are able to repair the chest. This has come in very handy for me many times.

    Random Tip: I always buy helmet and repair kit together. They fit together for a perfect 100 G's, making it so you don't have to waste money on rations.

    If you like the mace, I suggest these items

    Light Objects
    Para Bolts

    Example: Mace, Helmet, Repair, 4 Para, 3 Tag, 2 (sets) Trops, Speed pot.

    With the mace, you lose speed, so the para bolts are needed to compensate. Don't use Roamer mace loadout without them.

    You can give up the helmet/repair, but I wouldn't recommend it. Only if you're very comfortable.

    Ok, now that you have a roamer's loadout, we can work on strategies. This is my favorite playstyle, and here is what I do.

    In the first 5 minutes of the game, I'll cover areas thieves are commonly found in the beginning of the game, such as the Residential Quarters on Aqua, or the stairs/front lawn on Grange. After that, if there are such places, I'll cover areas where thieves commonly hide throughout the map, usually on a patrol. On Aqua, this might be from Conference room, to Res Quarters, to the piano room, into APO, out from the kitchen area, into library, back to Res Quarters, and keep looping like that, going off into some of the other areas each time.

    Use with other guards:
    The roamer's other job is to back up Campers. Because the roamer has no actual goal in mind, he should go to the aid of ANY campers when they call for help, unless he is currently on the tail of a thief (and I mean ON the tail, not â??I think there is one here.â?? The campers job should be to protect vital objectives, and that's more important than an â??I think a thief is hereâ?? situation.)


    Ok, camper loadouts. These should ALWAYS come with a full compliment of traps.

    2 Whistlers
    2 Trops
    2 Mines
    Health (if you can)

    I recommend the mace because you don't have to move fast. You're gonna plant your butt in an area, and stay there. You should have the helmet because you want ALL the protection you can get (plus, it fits with the repair kit, so you don't have to buy cheese). Remember, you die, traps goâ?¦so helmet is needed protection.
    Again, your traps are linked directly to you. You have to stay safe. Be cautious, don't go out of doors if you don't have to. If a thief gets away, that's OK, as long as he didn't get the obj. Likewise, if the thief DID get the obj, go for it.
    If a thief is somewhere down a hall, or somewhere you can't leave from, feel free to use the bow.
    In many cases, your room will contain the chest. Take advantage of any spare time and use it to farm for bolts and flares. You're not doing anything else!
    If you want, you can buy the Sword, and get health, or something to make it easier to perform your other duties.

    Use with other guards:
    Campers are not secondary to any other role. All other roles work around the camper, and the camper must stay safe. Combined with the objective he is guarding, he is like the King of a chess game. Lose him, lose the traps, lose the objective, lose the game. A single lone camper should be able to hold any room as long as he has Roamers on call.


    This is a specific, yet very loose role. The options for loadouts are great.

    Sword or Mace
    Light Objects (Firebolts Recommended)
    Health (Optional)
    Para's (Optional)
    Helmet/Repair (Optional)

    Sword or mace is up to the player's preference. The idea here is to get to areas a thief will come, and wait, or where they will pass through, but NOT notice you. This allows you to chase them without getting flashedâ?¦because they don't know you're there til you trop, para, or tag them! Good examples of this are the â??Generator Roomâ?? of Theater (with the hole in the ceiling, below crypt). Hide next to the gate, and when it opens, let loose a firebolt. Then, mash em. The element of surprise is very big in TUT, even as a guard, and the Ambusher is the perfect thing for surprising thieves. I've killed many thieves before they knew what was going on by doing things like this.
    Also, take advantage of spots where guards go dark. A great place is in the Folly Barracks, the 2 rooms that are connected. Hide in a corner (make sure you're dark by going 3rd person), trop the middle passage between the 2 rooms. Then wait. Don't go after the thief as soon as he enters! Hold para bolts, or charged weapon. When he hits trops, shoot him with para, and/or mash him!

    Use with other guards:
    The Ambusher is a loner at the start of the game. He should guard objectives that are NOT required in the way I described above. If called, he will compromise his position to go protect the camper. The Ambusher can always become a Roamer, and find other good ambush spots. If it is needed, he can provide a few extra traps to help the Camper, and can even become a Camper himself.


    Ok, this is a role that is very good, provided you have enough people. The backup/archer's loadout might contain these items.

    Extra bolts (30 or 40 bolts total)
    Tags (Specifically for backup might have 10 or more)
    Helmet/Repair (Optional, also a rare case when you might not care to buy a repair kit and instead get an extra bolt of some type)

    I would NOT recommend getting firebolts. You are going to provide the â??thief findingâ?? by shooting tags around or spraying bolts that a single person would normally do with a firebolt. So, since you're 2 people in essence, the firebolt is a waste of money.

    So, what you do is follow around a Roamer. If he flushes out a thief, Tag/Para/Shoot him. Sometimes, a thief will show himself by Koing the Roamer. At this point, its your job to keep the thief occupied (read: para'd) until you get help. Of course, if you can just shoot him to death, do so.

    Use with other Guards:
    The backup/archer is a role specifically for use with other guards, so apply the above strategies with the various classes. Be careful not to expose or scare away thieves from where an ambusher is waiting, however.

    (Book is too big for one post, see next post for the rest.)
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    Theoretical Map Strategies for use with these guard roles:

    Korman (4 Guards)

    If you have 4 guards, each get a Camper. All go to a crypt, and each enter a ruby room. Drop your traps in the room. A single guard can have trouble with a thief sometimes, so here is what you do. Early in the game designate â??Helpers.â?? One person from a middle room should be a â??helperâ?? to a person on the side room, and vice versa. So, you have 2 groups of 2 people. If one person's helper yells about a thief that is attacking the room (If they aren't trying to get in, stay put!) he will assist. The other two guards stay put in their rooms. If possible, if one of the middle-room men leaves to assist his helper, the other can open a SINGLE door, and watch the opposite side.

    Another is to have 3 Camper guarding the entrances into the crypts, and a Roamer or Ambusher helping out.

    Korman (3 Guards)

    With 3 guards, again, each should be a Camper. Here, each will take a position at the entrances. One for the stone sliding floor. This guard will close the door any time it opens, as fast as he can. Another guard for the sewer. That room should be so cluttered with traps (from that guard) that a thief would not want to enter there. The vent/hole in the wall should have a full set of traps INSIDE the hole, so a thief MUST step on them, all in a tight clump. If this is done, thieves should have much trouble getting inside. I cannot express enough how campers must protect themselves and stay to their duties though. YOU CANNOT MOVE, YOU CANNOT EXPOSE YOURSELF. The guy guarding the sewer CANNOT leave his spot. The guy closing the stone floor CANNOT leave the stone door. If ANYONE goes to backup, it should be the vent guy. There should be whistlers, trops, and mines there making it that no thief can get through in any reasonable amount of time.


    Ok, Folly is an Ambusher's Map. The gem, in most cases is relatively easy to get. If it is upper, here is what you do. Hide AI and yourself in the dark shadow. Place some trops around the pedestal. Ready para bolts. When the thief aproaches, he will probably not use any equipment, making an easy target. That AI and yourself will let loose, giving you the element of surprise and hopefully the kill.

    Have another Ambusher hide in the dark barracks room, as described in the Ambusher strategies.

    Other spots are the tower in the corner of the map. Thieves usually will get there, and when they do, you want to be hidden inside. They'll have a long way to run before they're safe in the shadows again.


    Nostalgia is mainly a Roamer's map, though one person should be a camper, and maybe an Ambusher. The single camper will go to the Lyre, and trap it up. The Ambusher (if available) will cover the front gallery. The Roamers will pick a route, and follow it. If the Ambusher or Camper call out a thief, the Roamers will go to their aid, the Camper taking precedence, of course. And its just that simple!

    Well, I guess I should add some more. Nostalgia is a very well balanced map. The key here is to have at least 2 other guards (Roamer's or Ambusher's) ready to help the camper, but at the same time keeping the thieves away from the other loot. I don't see any sure-fire way of guarding Nos though.


    Its GEROME!! How can you LOSE on Gerome?! Dmers, that's how. But, if you are trying to win, and not just having fun fighting, the Guards should NEVER, EVER lose. All but 1 person go Camper. The extra guy goes backup/archer, with more health than normal (10, maybe), and the rest in tags or para's. The campers go into evi room, and put 1 whistler near the door (using floating whistler trick). The extra whistlers get stacked in the room, like a little fortress, away from any mines. Several mines get placed NEAR the door, not it in. 1 mine goes on the door. 1 set of trops goes on the door. Any others get spread in the room.

    While the campers set up the room, the archer collects some AI and brings them to the room. You lock one AI in the corner with the chest. The others get lined up on the wall, where they can't be easily shot. 1 Human can crouch behind the couch. The others must find spots to stay safe as well.

    When a thief opens the door, your whistler may get stolen. Don't worry about it. Don't replace it with one from the whistler fort, either. When the door opens, all human guards should fire out.

    IF YOU DON'T LEAVE THE ROOM, YOU WILL BE FINE!!! The backup/archer's extra health will keep you alive to last the game out, and as long as you aren't Koed, they won't get in the room.

    If the thieves try a full on rush, to remove the traps, cram in the doorway, but don't go out.


    On Aqua, you should have 1 Camper, 1 Roamer, and anyone else as an Ambusher.

    The camper should not use his traps until the thieves have their objs, except when there are a LOT of evi in a room (4 in APO, for example). When thieves have the objs, the camper should totally trap out the elevator. Keep in mind that when mines explode, it can push the button.
    The Roamer should perform his normal job.
    The Ambushers, early in the game, should find nice Ambush spots. The Ambushers should save their trops for later, however, and stick with para bolts. Here are some examples:

    The Freezer
    The Library
    The office room (Next to library, not piano room)
    Outside of Director's trap room, behind vent (Near that huge unopenable door)
    Supply room (where whistler and extra mines are kept)

    There are more, but lets move on. After a while, or after they've made a kill, the Ambushers should go into Roaming mode. After thieves have objs (if they get that far), Ambushers should go into camper mode with the Camper. Remember, Ambushers are like a Roamer and a Camper rolled into one. Ambushers ARE a Roamer and a Camper rolled into one! How cool is that?!

    At the elevator, put chest above the ladder, have someone crouch on it, and mantle into upper vent. I can't tell you how many thieves I've kept from coming through that vent like this. From here, it's a matter of making sure that button doesn't get touched!


    IT'S A CRAZYHOUSE! On Asylum, get 1 Camper, 1 Roamer, and the rest Ambushers OR Roamers.
    The Camper should immediately go the Body, and trap it up, and perfrom standard camping duty.
    The Roamer should be on a patrol centric to the Camper! He should always be ready to be there and take out a thief that's pestering the Camper.
    The Ambushers should lay their traps around the Camper, and then perform Roamer duties around Asylum. At least one should go into the vents and keep things clear. A thief in the vents can be a real problem with the body. This should be left to someone with good crackfighting skills.
    Protect the body at all costs. Really can't say any more than that.


    ITS BREAKOUT! How can you lose on BREAKOUT!? No, seriously. It should not be possible to lose Breakout.

    Everyone buy Camper loadout, except for ONE Roamer. Place 2 mines at each door, and 2 sets of trops at each door. Float a whistler at each door. This prevents AI from running down through. Hide extra whistlers, you'll most likely need them. Have someone designated as a â??Stander.â?? This person stands right behind the door (or whistler, as close as he can get), and DOES NOT MOVE. If he gets cracked, other guards should be there anyway.
    Guards should never lose on Breakout. It just doesn't happen, as long as you don't go down below and get yourself DM'd.
    If you AT ALL suspect a thief gets out, send the Roamer for him. If there are signs that said thief actually is out, send a couple more guard, but keep your Standers at the doors. You don't want any more thieves out than you have to.


    Ok, Grange isn't an area of expertise for me, but I do know a few great Ambusher spots.

    #1: That room with a few pieces of loot in the back of Grange, behind the outside Kitchen stairs. You go inside, put trops in the dark area, pull out para bolts, sit on top of the dirt, and wait. I've made a few awesome kills like this the past few times guarding Grange.

    #2: That spot around the back of the pool, where the huge boxes and shovel are. Don't use your trops here, but hide in the dark with Para bolts. Wait for the thief, para him, trop him, and kill him.

    #3: The fireplace room with lockpicks and skull behind grange is also good. Hide on (NOT in) the fireplace, and chances are the thief won't notice you.


    Ok, Flats is a Roamer map, with maybe an ambusher or 2. But that's not what I want to discuss here. If all the thief lives are in use, immediately grab AI and crates and take them to the exit. Put the AI in the exit tunnels, block them in with the crates, and then go back to your business. If the thieves manage to get the objectives, you already have your defenses in place, and darn good ones at that!
    (Don't do this before the thief lives are used, we don't want to AI spawn-rape.)


    This is my utterly amazing a totally awesome guide to traps. Here we'll discuss all the ins and outs of the three types of traps: Caltrops, Mines, and Whistlers.


    Caltrops are the simplest of the traps. You put them at places thieves run by so they go â??Owaâ?? and get paralyzed. The trick is, making sure the thieves hit the traps. If they can jump over then, they're a non-factor. Making them harder to avoid can be done mainly with placement and formations

    Thieves can't jump over trops in tight spaces, like vents (At least, not very well.)
    If you put one set ON the door, and one set out from the door, you're more likely to force the thief to hit them. Just think about what its possible for a thief to do, and place the traps accordingly.

    Formations are a big deal with Caltrops, so lets go through them and their advantages. Make sure to practice placement offline so you can put them where you want to.

    The X Formation: This X formations would look something like this (x's represent trops, X represents two trops on one spot, ---- represents the door).
    x x
    x x

    This is a good formation for when you have a door you want to guard, but the thieves could come from either side. This puts 2 trops IN the door, and 2 trops on either side, giving you pretty good protection.

    The Fan Formation: This formation is for heavy protection of a door with a wide opening behind it.

    x x x

    x x x

    This allows you to provide a wide area of protection on one side of a door.

    The T Formation: This formation is for great protection on one side of a door in a HALLway, where a thief will most likely be forced in a straight line. ( | represtents the wall of the hall)

    |x X x|
    | x |
    | x |
    | |

    The Dot Formation: This formation is for an area where thieves probably won't see the trops, but will most likely hit them, and you want them to die. Basically, put ALL your trops straight down in a tight clump. 6 trops can be quite painful.


    Mines are sort of like caltrops, but in a different way. They slow thieves down, not because of paralyzing, but because they have to LockPick them, or face serious damage. And, like caltrops, the main thing is placement, especially in conjunction with caltrops. In fact, I can't see using mines WITHOUT caltrops. Basically, fill in any blank holes with mines.

    Honestly, I don't really know much about mines, but here are the main points.

    #1: Mines can destroy whistlers. Keep them away from eachother. Mines can also push buttons when they blow up, so be careful.

    #2: Placing mines using the â??Râ?? button (drop command), make the mines Frobbable. Anyone can pick them up (including thieves) and they will NOT explode no matter what. This is useful for placing spares aside.

    #3: Get a knowledge of the range it takes to set off mines, and use that knowledge to make smart placements. (I.E. Putting a mine on TOP of the lyre will do nothing.)

    #4: Camo! Hide mines under extra flares or something. 4 Flares makes an OK covering.


    Ok, Whistlers. We all know what whistlers do, lets discuss how to use them to the best of their abilities.

    Whistlers have a â??stickyâ?? property, that allows you to float them. Take a whistler, get up to a wall, look up at a 45 degree angle, and place the whistler. When you back away, it should be stuck to the wall. While this may not be very useful, sticking them to DOORS is. If you stick a whistler to a door, you can get in and out of the room you are guarding by crouching, but AI cannot get out and fall victim to DM thieves. Major plus right there.
    Another thing, if you just need the whistler to tell you when a thief shows up, you can throw it on top of the door, and close the door. It will sit above the door, and when the door opens, it will swing over, making it hard for thieves to steal it.

    I recommend trying these things out and getting a feel for them before trying them.

    Well! That's it, I guess. I hope you found some good info in here.
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      Originally posted by Garlisk
      did you mean to type this? or is it part of the new software?

      edit: and do you have to destroy all the secret knowledge of the leeter guards by sharing it? WHY HAVENT YOU LEFT YET???!!!

      and why do you include lame tatics like body blocking, dont use the 'you can get around it' excuse, there's no way a thief with no arrows or items left and half hp to beat that
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        and why do you include lame tatics like body blocking, dont use the 'you can get around it' excuse, there's no way a thief with no arrows or items left and half hp to beat that
        I didn't get to be a good guard by being nice. If a thief gets himself in a situation like that, its his own fault.

        And no, I didn't type that! wth is that?! Am I gonna have to edit this thing and re-add all the apostrophes myself?!
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          I'd use this post to make a political, erm Guard vs Thief statement, but I think I should read it first.


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            [edit] Strange, what's up with the apostrophes in your post? It works here.

            Test: ? '


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              you give body blocking as a defence in gerome, as if it wasnt a hard enough map. i wish i could do a callvote to auto complete the book objective.
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                Originally posted by mOdEtWo

                [edit] Strange, what's up with the apostrophes in your post? It works here.

                In your other post you ask for a bug of the forum, and you got it
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                  usin'g apost'rofie's and copy' past'ing

                  wasnt from copy-->pasting either
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                    Let's not fill up this thread with that... bug... which isn't a bug.

                    Garlisk, I'm not sure what happend with your posts, but when I view it in HTML, it seems you've used some non-standard apostrophe. Am I right?

                    Try to use the ordinary ' instead. By the way, I replaced the bad apostrophes for you.


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                      Waht?? An Apostrefee bug? neato burrito, Hardee would love to take advantage of this! xD Anyways, I'll just post my loadout here. It has been extremely effective for me for the longest time. I haven't had to change my loadout for the longest time!
                      11 tag
                      2 para
                      1 fire
                      2 cheese

                      trapz r 4 chumps! lol jk


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                        The Hunter: i use this one almost every game.

                        30 standard bolts
                        5 tag bolts
                        5 firebolts

                        Fire a firebolt at at thief. choose one of the few targets you've lit up, and tag him. he'll take out his bow to put out the flames, not realizing he's also tagged. While he's slowed down, shove 3 bolts in his ass. The other 2 requitred bolts for teh kill are easy enough to make.

                        MAKE SURE you only use ONE firebolt per thief. That way, you're not firespamming.
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                          Thanks Jester! Very useful and interesting info!
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                            Some things are nice, some aren't in my opinion. Having a whistler in the doorway is useless to me, for thieves can remove and distroy them within a second. Bye bye 125 banked loot. There are tactics that I wouldn't use and there are tactics I don't find succesful. Thing is ... this is just a matter of taste and playstyle. You made a roamers loadout that is not THE loadout for me. I have my own loadout which is succesful and that loadout is a mix between your loadouts. I just have one loadout, no matter what I do ... camping or roaming.

                            But for others this might be useful and this thread will help them. It was interresting to read, thanks for posting garlisk.
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                              2 Speeds

                              Guard main objectives, if theres no sign of activity/attempts at taking a main objective after a few minutes, start patroling areas of likely activity and return to main objective randomly till some nosy taffer shows up. Agressively hunt down and kill first thieves seen using the Speedpotions (those are usually the more agressive ones), then keep the more cautious ones away by shooting them with tagbolts (or shooting fellow Guards/AI which like to go after thieves with tagbolts >=B ) and pursuing them a few steps, they might likely be spotted by Ais or fellow guards and be busy for awhile (of course if possible, ice em too). After running out of Speedpots and Tags, stay near an objective, keep your back to a wall and get some backup if possible (this should be some time into the match, when the thieves most likely got one objective and are possibly short on items/lives so forces can be concentrated around a few spots - but if theyre short on items/lives and got NO objective, all the better ^.^ ).

                              Some basics :

                              If a thief runs out into the open, then jumps up and down and runs back into a shadow, dont follow him. Sometimes you'll have to turn around VERY quickly then too

                              When flashbombed jump up and down, play those directional keys (or wasd or whatever) like the piano and twitch that mouse, baby.

                              If ya hear a bow creaking near you - jump

                              Talk to your teammates (everything suspicious should be reported if its of any relevanche, especially ropearrows heard, important missing loot, opened doors, disabled whistlers etc. - besides its more fun...ya feel like police or something ). And theres a difference between "whisper" and "talk"

                              Use Headphones

                              Use thtaunt14 and 15 to intimidate your enemies

                              If ya see a thief running into a small spot of shadow, just swing ahead. Shadowslasher is such a nasty word and flares are valuable

                              This thing called supply chest is there for a reason. Dont just dump it somewhere.

                              If ya use the supply chest to block doors be sure to put it on the *correct* side (if it aint broken already that is)

                              If ya see someone called "Master Boris" wearing faggy clothing kill him. All two of em.

                              If ya hear a bonking sound and your screen shakes there might be trouble around

                              Invisible doesnt equal invincible

                              Keep moving while relighting a torch

                              AI got legit Visual/Hearing-Hax, so better pay attention if they say stuff like "What was that?"

                              THIEVES ARE EVERYWHERE!1!!1!

                              So there ya got my wise wisdom of guarding. I need my nap now.

                              Damn arthritis ld:
                              My leet Thievery Map
                              My leet UT3 Map
                              My leet AS Map