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    What the devil does "frob" mean?

    Well, I guess obviously it means "use," but where does it come from? has an entry for frob (which is short for frobnicate, according to the entry), but it doesnt seem to apply to the usage seen in Thievery.

    anywhere, where does frob come from?

    later on.

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    It was invented by the developers of Thief, or by the Thief community right after its birth.

    I don't think anyone really knows who originally came up with the term, we just started calling it that at TTLG.


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      Its an acronym for something F Right(click) OB.

      I filled in what I know.
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        Perhaps it comes from this....

        A command on some MUDs that changes a player's
        experience level (this can be used to make wizards); also, to
        request wizard privileges on the "professional courtesy"
        grounds that one is a wizard elsewhere. The command is
        actually "frobnicate" but is universally abbreviated to the
        shorter form.


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          ya, Alpha, that's the entry I referenced (which actually I think has its origins elsewhere), but it doesnt seem applicable to the usage of Frob with thief. I like the other two explanations given -- itd be cool to know what (if anything) those other letters stand for though.


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            Originally posted by Garlisk
            Its an acronym for something F Right(click) OB.

            I filled in what I know.
            Just a guess, but may OB is Object..

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              We are talking about a object so :

              Frame it then
              Right click
              On the
              [KYO] - Knock You Out


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                Heh. This was one of my first questions I asked when I was new (can't post link, TTLG currently down; anyway, I never got an answer). It's a good question. I like the Frame, then Right-click OBject.

                Also (in my head), kinda works like frob is like "lob" or throw the object once you have it.
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