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  • obituary/eulogy

    About 1994 i met Wolfgang Henning, working as Life-Guard in the public Swimbath where i
    started working, the first time. As collegue you talk to each, come closer or not. Wolfgang
    was a clever Man, intelligent Thoughts, serious and correct worker.

    In 1998 we had talked in a collegue round about cheating as cashier. As i questioned "if you
    know how it is possible to cheat, would you do?", he had the only really good answer of all
    that four collegues i had questioned. There i knew i had found my most important employee for
    my own company that i had started one year earlier. Should i ever want to give someone the
    really important Position of my Co-Decider, he would be.

    So did it in 1999. He did a really good job, was smart and intelligent and i had trusted him
    absolutely. In about 2000 happened some strange things in my company, i realized that the
    neccessary papers were done very slow, far over the datelimit or done not. As i once in 2000
    was forced to pay some money for punish for beeing over time with some papers, i went to
    wolfgang`s home and got my very first view of him. The real view.

    Wolfgang was become an alcoholic, a boozer. The living Rooms were in a bad, terrible status,
    trash everywhere, invoices unopened for him, stapled up to the desks. Wolfgang was in holiday,
    and i had the keys for his home to look for his kitten. I "climbed" over all the trash, over
    all the invoices, over all the papers for whatever they were, over all the beer bottles and
    whisky bottles.

    On my way searching that paper, i knew i had done and wolfgang had just copy and send it, i
    opened all papers and letters i found. Yes, i had to pay 5000 Deutsche Mark punish for not
    fill the paper, also i did, but Wolfgang had not sent it. I realized, that Wolfgang had really
    Problems and needed help. That was more important than the Money.

    Wolfgang was absolutely over owed, over debted. He bought and bought in past Stuff and never
    paid it. Years ago. Additional his Father has died 1998 and Wolfgang never had worked that out
    in real. So he got down more and more.

    I ordered him to my office as he came back from holiday. I ordered him to put all papers, wether
    if private or business, wether if unopened or opened, wether if still debt or paid together and
    bring it to me. We did check all out, organize and collect to get an overview. Then i gave him
    money to pay some Stuff. For the rest i wrote the creditors and dealed rates. So worked about four
    years, all was fine.

    Wolfgang had dates with psychiaters, became medicals and tried to come clean with the alcoholics.
    A while all was fine, it seems. Sometimes he lost his head, made mistakes in my business and i had
    trouble about it. Year to year i lowered the work for Wolfgang more and more, i realized the mis-
    takes got more than the work he did. So i did more and more lower his tasks, not to get him

    Finally since about two years he is not doin anything real neccessary and i paid him also. When
    he was gone, my secretary and me checked the work again, to avoid trouble for mistakes. And let him
    in the mood, to get all right.

    Now the creditors started to order Wolfgang again new, now to pay, now to do more or higher rates.
    As we dealed the rates in 2000, of course Wolfgang had to take an oath, not to have money and worth
    stuff. This oath usualy runs for three years, and as they started now again due oath run out, he got
    more and more confused. He did not say anything to anyone. He ignored again all letters, stopped
    visiting the psychiater, stopped taking his medicine and faked a good worls.

    In Truth he did plan and organize his suicide. On Sunday, 25th July, he took some private Stuff in my
    office. He went home, dropped his Officekeys, dropped all his money, prepared a chest with handgloves
    for the ppl, that might break in his rooms.

    On Friday, 23th July he wrote his "chronology of bad", on Sunday the E-Mail-Text where he uploaded the
    On Thuesday we found the Stuff, he left there a letter "my explanation is on my email", he put it so,
    that we could not see it by accidant, only if we would enter that room, which he knew, we would not do,
    cuz nothing there to do. We called police and fireworkers, they broke the rooms, but we did not found him,
    nor his two kitten.

    My Secretary and me, did walk since that day each day around the location Wolfgang lived, we walked streets,
    parks, areas and searched. In the evening BlueRocks and me did the same, in the nights a Friend and me
    did the same again. So did from Monday-Thursday. On Thursday evening, a corpse was recoverd out of the Water.

    Police found a passport "Wolfgang Henning", but they did a DNA-Test. This was more formally that hopeful.
    Finally on Friday, 30th July, the DNA-Test said it clear: Wolfgang Henning was dead.

    Gone for debts, gone cuz he had not power to get the view how to handle his debts, how to come clean with

    There is a hole, there is no Wolfgang Henning
    aka Bruce Payne
    aka Jim Morrison

    Good bye Jim
    Mors laborum ac miseriarum quies est
    cicero, in catilinam IV, 4
    A real huge Man will neither stamp on a Worm, nor crawl for an Emperor

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    Vietcong Customs Center

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    I heard about this a few days ago Brody when you messaged me, I'm very sorry, please accept my sincerest condolances. Chin up bud. ;-) He's gone to a better place, and I'm sure he'll save you a spot, your a good man Brody, and I'm sure Jim admired you.

    EDIT : Check your PM's Brody, I was going to post it here, but decided only you should read it. Rest assured, suicide is something I am no stranger to.
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      Well I didn't want to be the first one to reply, and I don't have any experience with death so far in my life.
      So all I can say is that you have my condolances and its always a sad day when someone loses someone they consider a friend. It sounds like you did a lot of good for him, and I am sure whatever powers there are will not let it go un-noticed in the long run.
      I only ever spoke with him briefly, but he was good enough a man to be honest with someone he didn't need to be, about things that my have meant something to others. He gets my respect for that.
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        RIP, Jim Morrison.

        My deepest condolances, Brody. He will be missed.


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          I've never dealt with something like this, but I can see how everyone would feel... My best wishes to you. Such a shame...


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            What Jim is dead Nooo /cry


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              Oh Brody, I am so sorry, I too offer and extend my condolences to you and all that knew Jim. You were there for Jim, and tried to help him. You did your best Brody, I know you will miss him, and so will the community. Rest in Peace, and god speed Jim.
              Thank you for sharing that, and letting us know. *says a prayer*


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                i'm sorry for your loss Brody. you're such a good man, i hate it when friends lose friends
                This is my cool sig.


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                  Rest in peace, Jim...

                  Take care of yourself, Brody. I know how it is to lose someone close to you.

                  I made Jim a special title, with the url pointing to this thread, to help us remember him with respect. I hope you are okay with that Brody, tell me if you don't want it.


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                    I was reading your post wondering who this dude was and that last line was a shocker! O_o;! Makes me wish I hadn't koed him as much :\ (Just trying to lighten the mood) When it comes to death, I'm pretty harsh cause I haven't had anyone close to me die yet. Don't know what to say. Wow, Mr. Jim is actually dead. It is most unfortunate.


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                      Losing firiend that you know for 10 years must be hard.My deepest condolances.I hope you can get over it Brody.


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                        You read something like this and you wonder if it's April 1st it's just so unbelievable.

                        He was always a good player and a good person and as those who have posted have shown, he will be missed.

                        was a clever Man, intelligent Thoughts, serious and correct worker.
                        I think Brody has shown his charcter in this sentence. It defines who Jim was, and it is indeed sad that such a thing could happen to such a person.

                        I have seen this in my last gaming community, a well known player gone to a better place, and these threads do show how we can come together as a community, forget any squabbles and remember those who are now gone.

                        Remember Jim Morrison, it is the least we can do for such a good person.


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                          M2~ You may remember, not sure if you do, on TTLG a long time member named *Fluke* died earlier this year. They retired his name, so no one else can use it. That idea may fit here as well.


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                            Originally posted by mOdEtWo
                            I hope you are okay with that Brody, tell me if you don't want it.
                            a nice idea. i am proud and relieved to see that there are more ppl having nice words about jim than he did know himself.

                            so is to the clan where he plays and the ppl i called i know he had contact in past close or distancely.

                            this is a good sign to say bye to jim. i am impressed.
                            i thank you very much all
                            A real huge Man will neither stamp on a Worm, nor crawl for an Emperor

                            Thievery Customs Center
                            Vietcong Customs Center


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                              This is such sad news Brody ,I know how you feel I've felt the same way when a good friend of my died (suicide too ) .When you need some help with it just contact me on MSN you know how to find me.

                              My sincerest condolances to his family and friends,Jim you'll not be forgotten!