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  • Monolith's Announcement (you Can Guess What It Is)

    I am pleased to announce that at 17.44 on Monday 26th July that my wife gave birth to a big healthy BOY!!

    Both mum and lad are doing well and wow is he BIG- 11 POUNDS at birth!! (and stacking on the weight every day).

    I have to say that until you have watched your partner give birth, you aint seen nothing!!

    I already love being a dad, so am sure to bore you with my rantings on it....

    hope to see you all soon online (for short stints most likely :lol: )

    seeyas round

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    right on! congrats mono!!
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      Congrats Mono!! Glad the family is doing well. Any chance of getting pictures?

      You know what I thought the title of your thread meant. You were leaving.

      Also I find this a bit ironic, a bit strange. In the same forum, the same day, in our community, someone we know dies, and someone we know has a birth in their family, life does indeed go on. It is times like these that make the forums special. Bring's people closer together, congrats again mono, didn't mean to get sidetracked there.


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        Alright Mono! I can tell you'll be a great dad. Someone who is this enthusiastic about it like you are can't go wrong.

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          Congrats, mate! *glares at Shug*
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            (in an appraising manner.)
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              Heheheh. All I can say is congrats. I can't wait to be a father, and have my own stable family... aww man. Must be great.


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                Grats, take care of him so he dosen't become obese.


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                  Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                    Best of wishes to you, and your family, Mono.

                    Oh, and...

                    Originally posted by Un5t0pp4b1e
                    Grats, take care of him so he dosen't become obese.
                    Gee, why did I not see that one coming?


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                      THE MILKY BARS ARE ON ME

                      Congrats again Mono, both on here and Mocker boards!

                      Also I'm worried that Bill thinks I'm the father. NONE OF THAT YOU ROGUE
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                        Best wishes to you and your family.

                        Being a dad must be special. I mean, it's the first time you've ever done something like that in your whole life. Must feel strange. I want to be a dad myself, in some years. I don't know, it just feels natural. We'll see what happends.

                        Well said, BrokenArts. Life goes on, indeed.

                        Again, congrats mono!


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                          omg finally congratz mono!
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                            Congratulations Mono! Who'd have thought that gooy white stuff could do this!


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                              What, mayonnaise?
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