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OT: Powell's Speach

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  • OT: Powell's Speach

    What did you think of his speech to the UN?

    I thought it was very informative, and may have even influenced my position on the war. But I would like to hear from other people what they got from it/didn't get from it.

    Don't worry Thwark, no polls here!

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    It's going to be shown over here in the UK in about two minutes on Channel 4.

    Edit: Make that 1 hour and ten minutes.

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      Haven't seen it yet, will do!


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        The fact is that there are alot of details in intelligence gathering that cannot be released to the public. I watched some of it and based on what Powell presented alone - I - was not convinced, thoroughly. But I accept the importance of secrecy in this kind of situation. Fortunately, or not, we have no real choice but to trust British and U.S. authorities when they say there is a danger... No one can be absolutely sure.
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          I stay skeptical.


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            If I'm going to be trusting high-level authorities any time soon, then send me over to the loonie house.

            If there is no information, I use my common sense. USA wants a war. USA claim that Saddam is a terrorist, and has WOMD. USA can't provide me with any more proof. Guess what I'm going to vote for?

            For all we know, the UK and USA could just be covering their asses with that speech.


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              From what I heard, the "evidence" presented in his "speach" was fairly weak, and he used a lot of red herrings. But I haven't read the entire thing.


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                  Now, this is going to be my only post here to avoid flaming so a response to it won't do a thief (this is my standard policy on political stuff in my gaming communities).

                  Powell's speech didn't change anything about what I thought. However, my thoughts already were that we should do what is necessary to remove this crazy tyrant from power.

                  Now, I am not at all a supporter of war. War sucks. If there is a peaceful solution, im sure it would be used. The problem is, Saddam isn't cooperating with anything that leads to a solution. It is my thought that war could be the only thing left, and in that case, I DO support THIS war.

                  The inspectors themselves say he isn't cooperating! Remember, the inspectors aren't there to FIND weapons, Saddam should be showing them REMAINS of the weapons that he should have destroyed by now. The fact that they find anything at all is wrong. They KNOW he has stuff because he had it years back, and used it. And now its gone, and there is no record of it. If he had destroyed it, I see no reason why he wouldn't give record of it.

                  Some of the other countrie's responses to Powell were just as compelling as his speech. What about Israel, they have nukes and WOMD. Well, as far as I know Israel never has a resolution passed saying they were a nutcase-lead nation that should be watched closely. I don't remember them throwing U.N. inspectors out of their contry. If it were not for that reason, I would see no problem with doing the same thing to Israel.

                  If there is a peaceful solution, use it. I don't think there is. The inspectors can't inspect because they have to search, and there is a lot of stuff left over (we won't even count what could have been made in this time).

                  My worry about a war: We go mash Iraq, alone or with the UN, however it turns out...and then Syria and every other country over there try to flatten Israel (again).

                  Thanks for reading my opinion.
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                    Y'all have found ScrappleFace, right? :grin: