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OK, what really old games did you love?

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  • OK, what really old games did you love?

    I can remember being about 8/9 and sitting around a ZX Spectrum with a mate and my dad, shouting advice whilst playing Speedboat Assasin.
    Also I remember the insane amount of guns you could ram on the front of it.

    Dragon Ninja was cool too, in vest tops and combat trousers, running around hong kong/tokyo (can't decide what it looked like more) kicking dogs in the face and decking ninja's in sewers, before appearing ontop of a texas train and fighting your way across the otherside of the screen.

    Golden Axe ruled, as did Operation Wolf (FPS anyone? or would you say its a gun game?).

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    heheh, i remember golden axe, that was a great game. it was always a rush between me and my mates to see who could grab those potions first or ride that dragon thing ^^.

    some of the first games I remember played were on a REALLY old console called an intelivision, which had this big box you plug in the side to give it speach capabilities there was some tank battles game, dungeons & dragons, nfl, b52 bomber and space spartans. ownage.

    then there are games like winter/summer/california games which were good, button bashers are always a winning genre!

    chucky egg,
    kings quest,
    leisure suit larry,
    Team Yankee,
    bolder dash,
    ghosts 'n' goblins,
    green beret, rambo,
    dogs of war,
    nuclear war,
    Alien breed I/II
    doom I/II,
    duke nukum 1,2,3D,
    prince of persia,
    Rise of the Triads,
    pirates/pirates Gold! woot,
    International Karate Plus (IK+ this game was pure ownage, too! might just get the ROM )
    chase HQ,
    road rash,
    paperboy! nearly forgot that one, even had that on my gameboy, those were the days
    walker (another classic!)...

    ermm. starting to run out of memories at this point, I can recall the games but can't put a name there.... spy run, or spy hard... scrolling car game where u had to shoot stuff, then drive into the back of a truck.

    various text based games, think i had the hobbit, or it was my parents but I had to play it anyway

    hmmm. so many memories, so many ROMS and emulators to find
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      spy run, or spy hard... scrolling car game where u had to shoot stuff, then drive into the back of a truck.
      Spy Hunter. Dudu-dudu-dudu-dudu-diiiiiidiu... Di-di-diu-diu-diu-dii-duu-di-diu-diu-diuu...

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        Spy Hunter Redux =]

        For me: Lode Runner, Number Munchers, Ikari Warriors, Dig Dug, Ninja Gaiden and old, old olympics games... there was one for the Apple ][e but I forget what it was called and one for the nintendo with that huge pad.


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          SKOOL DAZE! Remember back to school? Brought in Girls, Frogs and bikes?

          Swiv was cool, tank or hellicopter.

          Hungry Horace and Horace Goes Ski-ing. Ye-are Kung-fu, Settlers. In fact settlers was the first game to really appeal to my dad, aside from Desert strike. And of course Tetris.

          "Dad, where' my gameboy?"
          "I, erm, left it at work."


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            This would be better suited for the Comm Chat forum.


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              Originally posted by DeepQantas

              Oh yes. Awesome game. Tough as nails as well.


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                Bubble Bobble, one of my all time favourites.
                2 player reminiscing still amuses me.

      ]Monkey Island 1 & 2[/URL] - pirates, ghosts and hilarious dialogues.

                I liked a lot of Amiga 500 shooters and action games. Like Turrican 1 & 2, Shadow of the beast, Project X, Risky Woods and Gods. Amiga music was brilliant. Oh, I almost forgot, Another World / Out of this World, that one felt revolutionary! I believe this could have been one of the first games using polygons for smooth character animation.

                I enjoyed quite a few old Sierra/Dynamix adventures too, Space Quest 3, Kings Quest 3 and Rise of the Dragon are the ones I remember the best.


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                  R-Type, Gauntlet and the Aliens arcade games for me. R-Type is a timeless classic IMO (as shown by me trying to get all 101 ships in R-Type Final ), Gauntlet was the first REAL teamplay game, where you had to rely on other to use potions or not steal that food. The Aliens Shooter took most of my holiday money when I was 8, and the AvP beat 'em up proved that crossovers could be fun, unlike Robocop vs Terminator et al
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                    Descent, totally original gameplay even to this day, though it's not as old as some of this other stuff.

                    A rare game called "cosmo's cosmic adventure".

                    And who could forget Frogger? There's another where you have to kick blocks to kill bees, but I can't remember the name. I still have it, but it's on one of those 5 1/4" floppys.

                    Oh, and Commander Keen!
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                      Oh yeah Frogger, Dig Dug, Asteroid. LOL. I do hear Atari is coming out with all the old arcade games again, buy it for $20.00.


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                        Frogger? Ohhh... Highway Crossing Frog! Can't say i've wasted many hours on that game... it's rather repetiv.


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                          Play Frogger 2. It's better.


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                            Mario all the way
                            I am gone...Radars won't pick me up


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                              Originally posted by DeepQuantas
                              Spy Hunter. Dudu-dudu-dudu-dudu-diiiiiidiu... Di-di-diu-diu-diu-dii-duu-di-diu-diu-diuu...
                              Oh nice! that's it alright I've never been able to remember the name of that game. The music was great too!

                              Oh, and monkey island, how could I forget that one, I spent so many hours doing that. the insults sword play... rofl.
                              If we can hit that bull's-eye,
                              the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards...