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    As some of you may already know, I suffered a heart attack as a side effect of acute pneumonia this last Friday 10/15/04. I feel obligated to urge others to avoid attitudes concerning their own health such as:

    1) "It's probably nothing." (My first indications of chest pain on Thursday evening)
    2) "I've had this before. Haven't I?" (As chest pains woke me up Thursday night/Friday morning)
    3) "Oh that's probably the worst of it." (As problems hit a high around noon Friday then subsided somewhat.)
    4) "I'll just take some precautions." (I started walking around with the portable phone Friday night as pain was increasing. If it was bad enough for me to do that I should have called it in immediatley.)

    Moral of story: Don't fool around with your health.

    If you're suffering from unusual pains, consult a physician immediatley. If I hadn't had the phone within arms reach at my desk I would have been unable to bark out my address to the 9 1 1 opperator before going unconcious crumpled in a fetal position . It's quite possible I would have died without immediate assistance. On the flip side, I'm now recovering well but have to take a rather large variety of drugs to keep me stable. Take care all. And remember that in real life you don't get a "Restart" button.

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    Good to see you're still alive. Those stims can fuck your old ticker pretty bad.

    Are we gonna see you back on active duty any time soon?
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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      Oh wow... I had no idea

      I tried to take good care of WC while you took care of yourself


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        aw man, that's some scary stuff
        glad to hear that you are ok now

        take good care of yourself but don't let it mess with your head


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          PSS take care of hp in reality is more important than in game.
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            And you STILL came back to finish your campaign, after your heart almost seized up on you. That's hardcore, man. Pure metal.
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              Ouch man, good to hear that you're still alive!

              By the way, I'll move this thread to the Gen Chat forum.


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                My dad is living proof of what this man has to say. Exactly a year and a month ago, my dad was admitted to Emergency because of chest pains. It just so happened that the pains started during the first day of my parent's 25th wedding anniversary expedition, somthing that was supposed to last about 4 days. My mom hesitatingly admitted my dad to emergency after he had been suffering chest pains (don't get married guys, that will do it ).

                Four hours after arriving at the Emergency room, he was being rolled into the OR for a quintiple bypass. It just so happens that they caught him right before a massive heart attack which would have most likely been deadly.

                Today he is alive and well (while still suffering pain from heart surgury) he's come a long way. Heart problems run in my family, my dad was 51 and hasn't eaten fast food since 1979, except on extremely rare occasions.

                Doc says i'll require heart surgury when i'm 40 runs in the family I guess...i just hope technology bails me out
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                  Make a speedy recovery. When I was in high school, a fellow student died of a heart attack from a virus that attacked his heart. He was at a party and just fell over. It was so sudden and tragic. Glad your episode was recoverable.
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                    Take it easy man, i'm glad you now enjoy life. I remember when I was in high school and I had religion courses. We had an asignment to put thing we value most in order. I remember putting health in first and my teacher said I was a wise man because I was the only one to make this choise. Help yourself first if you want to be able to help others. Anyhow, now I'm smoking and eating junk...i'm in the first step toward beeing healthy because i'm thinking about it. next step is to apply my decision

                    well take it easy dude!



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                      You know we were all so worried when you said you were having chest pains, and then stopped playing but stayed connected to the server. We thought you were coming back, and when you didn't... well, scary stuff. Glad you're okay now, and hope you make a speedy recovery.


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                        Glad to hear you're okay!

                        Yeah, I've supposed to be careful about that sort of thing to (and i'm not even in my 20's yet!) A while back, i was getting some shot (tetanus, maybe?) and somehow I ended up getting an air bubble in my bloodstream. Now, every time my blood circulates completely, I get these sharp chest pains as my heart releases some of the air out int omy body, which eventually finds it way to diffuse through my skin. Ouch. They say I should have it all out by this time next year...

                        Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're doing well, and that once again humanity has thwarted what would have been another heart attack victim.
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                          Good to see you lively and sound

                          I am also a living proof of "it gonna be ok soon"...

                          I had pneumothroax some years ago. I woke up due to chest pain on one night and I ignored it. I kept feeling pain during the next day. I finally went to ER at the second evening after the first sign of pain and have...4 surgeries within the next 4 months since I hurt my left lung due to the heavily damged right took me another 6 months to back to "normal" life...and if I went to ER immediately, I could have only one surgery instead of 4...
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                            This thread is going to make me a hypochondriac at this rate...