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  • An apology...

    Look...I know you all think this is some kind of "attention" thing. Maybe it is. I don't know. I just wanted to say im sorry for being a dick (mainly to Curinir). I just didn't get why thwark deleted my posts. He lets up flamer posts all the time, but deletes a post not likely to do anything...I didn't get it.

    RL isn't going so well either. I won't go into details, lets just leave it at "life sucks" right about now. I shouldn't take it out on you guys but im just not doing well. And then add to that I come to say bye, and the post is deleted for no apparent reason.
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    As I've said the past couple times this has come up; I'll miss ya. Let us know how it's going once and a while, k?
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      Don't worry man, I took no offense. Hope whatever you're going through works out!

      BTW, I hear you're an awesome player.. Though I've never got to play with you before. Hope you can come back and show me your skills.
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