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Map guides waste of time?

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  • Map guides waste of time?

    Well someone from the TUT posted that we should all put map guides up. Like one person do them with this and that this and that. Well I was thinking of doing them all by myself secretly because I had doubts that anyone would even do one. Which turned out to be true.

    What really is the point of a map guide? Loot spawns in different places sometimes and/or respawns. The secrets can be told ingame from other players

    Part of getting lost in a new map is discovering secrets/fun. Well Just wandering what you all think about map guides. I don't find them a necessity really. All they would add to is the coolness factors. Newbies will eventually learn. There's solo play .

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    I both agree & disagree with you:

    Map guides are good because:
    -It means noobs have at least a fighting chance when they first play online
    -A community can share good strategies & devise ways to beat them
    -Players already have a few strategies in mind when they start the level, & so don't have to waste time discussing what to do

    Map guides are bad because:
    -That amazing hidden spot that you secretly discovered 10 mins ago, has been told to everyone & so its not quite so amazing anymore
    -You don't get the experience of learning a map by yourself (Very important to me)
    -They tend to make noobs easy targets (even more than before), because you can guess what staregies they'll be adopting


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      As a newbie, I'd very much appreciate brief map guides that provided three things.

      (a) A pictoral map, for the levels without them.

      For example, Flats/Residency has a map but the combination of not being able to see where you are and all the fake doors is very frustrating at first. A copy of that level's pictoral map with the buildings you could enter highlit would be friendly.

      (b) A description of things like keys that would require stupid amounts of uneventful time to discover yourself.

      For example, it is horrendously boring for a newbie to scour Kroman trying to find which of the many keys are the gate keys.

      (c) A summary of potential problems, when appropriate.

      For example, in the Pirate Town there is a possibility for the objective to spawn in a room with only one entrance. In Breakout it helps to have a spare catfall potion for making the final exit. Some levels have easily accessible lockpicks, but as a newbie I don't know which levels or where to look and so I spend (waste) inventory on my own set.


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        Originally posted by The_Dan
        Map guides are bad because:
        -That amazing hidden spot that you secretly discovered 10 mins ago, has been told to everyone & so its not quite so amazing anymore
        Add "learned secret spot from passing guru and promised not to tell it to those... weasels" to the list.
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          Is someone gonna ban unstoppable yet?

          And are you gonna explain why you're not, or are you?
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            He is. Everyone knows that he is, he just refuses to admit it.
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              If you want a map guide then check regurarly here: I'll do some more when my exams are over.
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