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    With all of the lip service Omega, Mode and company have gave this browser I decided to try it out again. I first tried this browser in version 3.0, 4.0 then 5.0. I never really like it much but it used to be so small it could fit on one floppy which at the time I liked for several reasons.

    I'm going to try out this browser for at least one week and maybe longer if I like it. My first impression is quite favorable. The built in pop up stopper appears to function quite nicely. The cascading of windows is very nice too. It really comes in handy for someone who regularly has 4 or 5 browser windows open. I will be interested to see how many web pages appear. I'm a little skeptical about this as most web pages are made to be IE compliant, even though that may not be standards compliant. Oh yeah, it launches faster than IE too.

    I'm sure I haven't discovered all of the advantages this browser has so if anyone out there has any cool tricks or cool features they like in Opera please post and let me know.

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    F11 i beileve maximizes your screen
    press F12 to see pop up options in case you want to allow pop ups for some tiem (sometimes things come up as pop ups and i have to do 'allow pop ups'
    go into settings and you can change teh color of your browser ..mine is all bluish and black

    pros: mentioned above, fastest browser around, if you are a server admin and are using web admin opera refreshes automatically for you, and all the other cool stuff

    con: TOB site displays incorrectly in opera for some reason. some other sites may also display not correctly. minor things.
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      There are tons of cool keyboard shortcuts in Opera. For example, if I wanted to close this window, I could just shift-click the tab and it would close. (That trick also works in Shareaza, btw.) Also, shift-clicking opens a link in a new window, and control-shift-clicking opens the new window in the background.

      Also, it's totally customizable in version 7. I have my buttons right next to the address bar to save vertical screen space.

      The real advantages of Opera are speed and security. (No other browser comes close to Opera's speed.)


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        Originally posted by DarkProject
        con: TOB site displays incorrectly in opera for some reason. some other sites may also display not correctly. minor things.
        It works perfectly for me -- are you using Opera 7.01?


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          Mouse gestures kick arse. They really make a lot of tasks much easier to access. Just thought I'd add this. I just discovered it.


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            yea Opera 5.0 and less BLOWWWWZ

            but 6.0 and now 7.0 OWNZ

            Dark Project.. TOB site appears perfect for me in Opera 7... perhaps u need to get with the jones' and upgrade


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              i am using opera 6... i guess i need to get 7 today/tomrorow
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                also don't need to type www. and .com

                you can type : tearsofblood and press enter and it will auto add www. and .com
                you can also do this in IE but in IE you need to press CTRL+Enter...
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                  I'd post my comments and thoughts on the Safari browsers, but given that it's by Apple for MacOS X, I doubt there would be much interest here. I've never seriously used Opera, though, how does it compare speedwise to Phoenix?
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                    Ive sampled tons of browsers out there.. None have beat Opera in the speed department, to top it all off, everything in opera is user settable so that factor, plus speed, plus the new "Only Open pop up adds that I click on" in Opera 7, Makes Opera the one and only browser for me. And since Phoenix is based off of mozilla like netscape is, and Opera can act like Mozilla or IE6, opera has more compatibility with IE Only websites. Netscape was good back in the 4.74 days.. crashed a little too much and then stopped supporting a few sites. Nutscrape 7 just sux. IE has never been any good. Opera just pleases me. Its everything i want in a browser.. and more!


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                      got ver 701 and it all works great ....i love how the windows are ontop so there is no crowding!
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                        The new mail client in 7 is quite cool. Check it out!

                        User Profiles! 8)

                        The thing I like most is that I can use it in Windows and Linux!

                        Mac users have a version too. :wink:
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                          That's cool guys. Opera has another nice tricket, if you look at forums, it will automaticly find the new next page. And the forward button (>) will turn into a >> button this way, you won't have to go back and click on the next topic. You can also switch off images, which speeds up the page loading. There are lots of more features I can talk about, but I have to go now, otherwise i'll be later for work.


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                            • You can delete m2.dll to disable the mailnews module. This makes the browser even smaller in memory.
                            • Press ctrl+b and memorise it.
                            • Give your most visited bookmarks nicknames in the properties of the context menu or tag new bookmarks with ctrl+t. Then type the nickname in the Go To dialog (F2) or simply the adress field (F8).
                            • F9 focuses the document, shift+arrows are spatial navigation.
                            • O7 supports alternate stylesheets. Go to Mozilla Nynorsk and click on the arrow on the Author mode/User mode switch or menu View -> Style.
                            • You can float the hotlist, then maximise the window. This is practical for messing with your bookmarks.
                            • When you have already a login remembered in the wand (password manager), press the fast forward button (or the forward gestures: RMB+rightdrag, or LMB+RMB) to quickly fill in the forms and login automatically.
                            • shift+F11 toggles the small screen mode, F11 toggles the projection mode. You can design presentations with simple CSS media selectors, see the OperaShow tutorial. Toggle ctrl+F7 and ctrl+F8 for additional UI elements in fullscreen mode.
                            • Familiarise yourself with the browser even more with TJ's excellent 30 Days to Becoming an Opera Lover. Also Fravia's Tutti all'opera, though outdated, is worth a read.
                            • The cookie management sucks donkey balls compared with the linux version. Fortunately, since all file formats are open and documented you can fall back on 3rd party tools such as the Opera file explorer.
                            • Customise your search.ini! This is a major timesaver. I have Google (g), Lucky Google (l), Usenet (u), Usenet msgid (m), Google Images (i), Dmoz (d), (a), ftpsearching (f), whois (w), nslookup (n) plus a couple of language and translation tools of my own there, and they are infinitely more useful than the default searches.
                            • Add support for Edonkey and Internet Relay Chat.
                            • Turn any document into a panel with rel="sidebar" on links.
                            • Check out the IMO only portal which does not suck:
                            • Display annoyances? Press ctrl+alt+v to submit the document for validation. If it fails, consider taking action as advised by the honkpage.
                            • Think you found a bug? Submit it. Crashes? Get the crashlogger.
                            • All Netscape style plugins work in Opera. I have Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime, Java, SVG, JPEG2000 as plugins; Acroread, Real and WiMP are set up as helper applications (alt+p -> File types).
                            That's what I can think off the top of my head. The real joy comes from using the software on a day by day basis and growing accustomed to it and modifying the fuck out of it to suit your needs.
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                              Originally posted by Ř·mega
                              Opera has another nice tricket, if you look at forums, it will automaticly find the new next page. And the forward button (>) will turn into a >> button this way, you won't have to go back and click on the next topic.
                              Yes, but that's for Opera 7.x + only.

                              Download either the newest version of Opera 7.x, or 6.05 Grank. Nice that you're testing it. Woooha!