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  • In Memory of Yenz

    Well guys, I never thought I'd be doing this on BCG. This is deadly serious.

    This afternoon I got a call from one of Yenz's real life friends, he was going through Yenz's phone ringing the numbers. He asked me if I was "Shug", and he told me that this morning Yenz hadn't woken up. They don't know what's happened yet but they think he might have had a weak heart and it gave out when he was asleep.

    He was only a few short months younger than me... I'll remember Yenz (Rhys) as a gentle guy, with a quirky sense of humour... that got taken too early.

    RIP Yenz

    I'll post again in this thread when I hear more from his friends...

    I will sticky this thread for a bit. - BA
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    Yenz was an intelligent, artistic and loyal individual, as well as one of my friends. I will never forget him.
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      My deepest condolances Shug. And to all M and his friends. I will miss him .


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        I am so sorry .
        Yenz was an awesome person. It shouldn't be like this. This is unfair. He was so young.

        My deepest condolances to his family, friends.
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          RIP Yenz.

          You'll be missed.
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            utterly speakless here.

            Such a tragic waste of human life, Yenz was a promising individual with a bright future someone who was not afriad to express himself and his view on life and its complexities. It always strikes home hard when you hear of a young person die, let alone someone that you knew, even only via internet. Makes you feel your own mortallity and that of those you are close to, how fragile life is and how lucky we are to have it.
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              Oh... I don't know what to say...

              This must have happened only a few days ago? He last browsed the forums of May according to his profile. Atleast he died in his sleep, hopefully without any pain, while dreaming.

              I've added a R.I.P. title in his profile, I can't do much more than that and give my deepest condolances to everyone that knew him.

              What a sad day.


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                RIP Yenz.
                My Deepest condolences to whole .:M and Yenzes Friends.
                Yenz was a Fine man and a good friend to the whole community!


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                  Yes mode... I believe it was last night/this morning, Australia time.
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                    no no!... this aint happening! I will never forget yenzarill, a very nice guy and funny aswell..

                    like I were saying to the rest of the mockers, things like this is what make life sucks, I (and also many others) know how it feels to lose someone you know, even family and loved ones! so I hope it is like ppl say, that life is hell, so when ppl die, they really come to heaven and all that! so in other words, yenz did leave us here and are now in a much better place! but is unfair though, he left to soon he were to young man. RIP yenzarill, I'll never forget you //Louie
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                      I am very sorry to hear about Yenzarill, just reading through his site right now – shame I never got to speak with him. I’m sure he will be a terrible loss for those close , my condolences to his family and friends.


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                        I really don't know what to say.

                        God bless, and RIP Yenz.
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                          I remember playing with Yenz a few times, and I recall him being a good player. I really enjoyed his posts and his dark sense of humour on these forums, it's sad to lose an unique person like him

                          My condolences to all of you who knew him.
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                            Jesus. So sorry to hear this.

                            He was a great fella, with a sharp sence of humour that could match anyones here, and always enjoyed to play by his side.

                            My thoughts are with his family and friends, and also, his friends in Mockers.

                            Rest in peace, Yenz.
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                              I'm awfully sorry, Shug. I didn't know Yenz very well, but I do remember him as a great and funny player.

                              RIP, Yenz.