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    No offense Thwark, and I am definately NOT questioning your Admin rights or judgement, but is it you that has been locking all of these threads? I can understand the ones that are spam (Reborn's most recent threads come to mind)...

    Or is it that we are hinting on the truth...


    Curunir wrote:

    NO!! NONONO! It's a terrible idea! All you people are trying to do is sabotage the release of 1.3!!! Leave Dalai alone and let him finish 1.3!!! Blast you!

    Entropy wrote:

    No Cur, you have it the wrong way round... Dalai is delaying the release of 1.3 so that the devs won't have to get publicly caned by CTG.
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    i closed that thread because it was nothing but spam, in a forum that doesn't need, and shouldn't allow spam.

    and i'm closing this thread, because it's dumb. if you had a real problem with it you could PM me, instead of trying the postcount++;
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