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    When I'm in the mood for eggs benedict, I prefer to go to Italy. Because....

    You know....

    "There's no place like Rome for the hollandaise."

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    That's bad. That's really bad.
    Nearly all men can stand adversity -- if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.


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      Genius is a blink before a moment of insanity.
      "Dream is Destiny"
      Waking Life


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        mmm spam.
        I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.


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          Originally posted by Thwark
          mmm spam.
          Not if it's GOOD eggs benedict. It SHOULD be ham.


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            The Perpetual Green Eggs and Ham Parody

            I said I hate green eggs and ham.
            I said I hate them, damn you Sam!

            If you should bring them on my plane,
            Don’t plan to see your home again.
            If you approach me on a boat,
            I’ll shove that ham right down your throat!

            Get it through your skull so thick--
            Green eggs and ham, they make me sick!

            The ham looks like green doggy duke;
            Those slimey eggs just make me puke.
            If I ate them, I would vomit
            Projectiles just like Halley’s comet!

            Now remove them from my face
            Before I have to trash this place.

            Should you serve them with a fox
            Or inside a cardboard box,
            I’d burn the box, all flaming red
            And eat the roasted fox instead.

            I know I’ve said this once before
            I’m sure you think I’m quite the bore.
            But I can’t stand green eggs and ham.
            I mean I hate them, damn you Sam!

            What is it with you, Sam I croaked
            (I’m all worked up, my voice is choked.)
            You think I want this crap, I coughed
            Do you have ties to Microsoft?

            Have you bundled IE in your ham?
            So Reno will ignore it Sam?
            Well I won’t eat it anyway,
            Not for a million bucks a day!

            Now leave at once, you are dismissed.
            Damn you Sam, I’m getting pissed!
            I told you how I hate that crap.
            Don’t make me give your face a slap.

            Shut up Sam, don’t make me smack you.
            The great Cornholio will attack you.
            Green eggs and ham by any rights
            We have to say, Huh-huh, this bites!
            Genius is a blink before a moment of insanity.
            "Dream is Destiny"
            Waking Life


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              ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:
              *Leader of the 56k rebellion*
              *Slowing down cable and DSL users, everywhere*

              LikitaRenn:"I wanna be added to as many people's sigs as will add me to... their.. sigs.. um.. something..."


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                I like my eggs in bed with my girlfriend.


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                  No details, Omega.


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                    I don't understand, did you ask me to give details or don't give details?


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                      ... So Reno will ignore it Sam?

                      Omg! Jean Reno???
                      Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...