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    WTF r u all bringing this shit into the other fourms?!!
    This is my cool sig.


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      Originally posted by daniel
      WTF r u all bringing this shit into the other fourms?!!
      WTF OMG? buttsekz lol


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        Originally posted by PhaeThorn
        Originally posted by Grank
        Originally posted by PhaeThorn
        I agree with grank. LR gets blamed for everything. ( like mad gerbil also said )

        I guess tomorrow people are gonna say Lr started WW2.

        Let the man go guys! Lr din't do anything wrong .
        I disagree err wait no I don't.

        Damn it Phae you posted something I couldn't disagree with.
        I disagree, you can ALWAYS disagree .... even if it means your lying

        I disagree!

        Now i feel better. :grin:


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          Wow, V12US, I've never known you very well and I don't even know that we've really even gotten along well in-game, because you and I have two completely different viewpoints on how the game should be played...but I hold so much respect for you for what you've said in this thread. Everything you said was wise, and true, in my opinion.

          I play Thievery...and its just a game. But no matter what Grank or LR says, I seriously hope that somebody higher up sees powers that LR has abused. From what Machine has said, it doesn't sound like anyone in TuF ever used their powers to cheat. Yet, (I don't care how you guys try to defend yourselves, this is my viewpoint) the two of you see it as much more than a game. You can see something as a game and it can remain important to you to watch your server, try to maintain a cheating-free and hack-free environment for the community, but you went to far when you set your sights on destroying TuF. LR, I seriously believe you need help...when someone clings to this community as much as you, one might think that TUT really is your life. And it saddens me to when I think of what you have chosen to do with that life.

          I truly hope that Thwark or someone in power here wakes up and sees where LR has gone wrong. You do not belong in power here, LR. I'm sorry if its a shock to you...but we could use someone better.


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            Eh, I'm in no way trying to get Laughingrat demodded here. He's doing a good job so far, but he just made an error and it needed to be rectified.

            Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. After all, were only human... *smirks at Machine*


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              Wow, I guess having the MOST posts in the forums tends to get one more attention than they sometimes deserve.

              As has been said NUMEROUS times, the TuF issue was not even brought forward by LR.

              Granted he used his Mod abilities to back-up the claims made by others. Was he wrong in doing so? I do not think so. It would be something like saying Thwark was wrong for "confirming" Reborn is Unstoppable. (I think Thwark said that...)
              So Thward, a Mod(+), used his power to provide the truth..

              We probably could have found that out ourselves, or at least come to the conclusion, but evidence is always nice. So LR, a Mod in the Guilds forum, used his power to provide evidence.

              I only hope you "Dragon" were not one of the people who were screaming for "evidence" when the radar-hack ban happened.

              Rhymin & Stealin


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                No one "set their sights" on destroying TuF. TuF was given a chance to come out in the open (and it's members are still being given that chance) and participate in the community as fair players of the game, and participants in matches. The method they chose to run their guild undermined the possiblity of ANY match being considered fair, as members of the guilds playing would have no way of knowing whether they'd been infiltrated and their methods distributed to their opponents. In such an environment, there's simply too much call for suspicion to be sure you can play a fair game.

                However, given days to set matters straight, TuF still elected not to. I would far rather have seen them choose the honorable course of honest, open play, than to remain in the shadows, constantly casting doubt and suspicion on the outcome of any match played.

                I'm going to repeat my call to any TuF members to make yourselves known, particularly if you're a member of another guild. Please be honest with the rest of the community about who you are, so we can all get past this, and have teh ability to believe that we can have fair matches.

                In response to V12US and Adrock's posts:

                We had confirmed the identity of TheMachine through other sources (server logs). The forum logging of IPs was simply the easiest way of making it public. It would have been no different had I not been a mod of that forum.


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                  Originally posted by The Dragon
                  I truly hope that Thwark or someone in power here wakes up and sees where LR has gone wrong. You do not belong in power here, LR. I'm sorry if its a shock to you...but we could use someone better.
                  Funny, I thought Grank and LR owned one of the most popular servers in TUT...I don't remember anyone else paying them for the privlege or anyone requiring 'special permission' to set up their own TUT server. But I guess we could get a court order forcing them to ceace and desist.


                  Realistically, what did you want them to do? NOTHING? So then next time you have a concern over a player(s) I guess you will simply sit in your corner and hide? If any guild members/admins have concerns I think they should bring it up with the other members. Or would you rather we disbanded the guilds forum altoghter?



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                    For one, I stayed completely out of the Frantic-incident. I never posted ONE WORD about it.

                    LR, I'm sorry for freaking out, I really am, because I think you are a good guy most of the time. But I agree with Machine when I say that I think you went too far when you posted his IP for everyone to see. How do you know that Machine wasn't preparing an announcement, or maybe TuF was debating over what to do when this happen?

                    I don't know, but I just feel that you tackled this the wrong way. And again, I am sorry for saying what I did, but I'm kind of angry because I like the Machine.


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                        Here is the bottom line that I brought up and that several other guild leaders backed up.

                        TUF has the ability and has stated in the pm that they would infiltrate guilds and use that to there advantage. This goes against the intent of TurfWars. It's unfair.

                        Now I'm Grank and I know about this, where as the other guilds are clueless. Do I sit on it and say oh well. CTG isn't affected so it would be nice to see these other guilds hurt.

                        No! I try and do the honorable thing and bring it up for discussion so everyone has a chance to talk about it, including anyone in TUF. We brought it up and waited for TUF to take some type of action. They ignored that opportunity.

                        Next step is start to expose them since they aren't willing to do anything or participate in the discussion. You may not agree with what we did but I bet if you were a guild with this problem you would appreciate it.

                        I could have sat on my ass soooo easily and just let this pass but then people would have felt cheated.

                        WE ARE NOT OUT TO KILL TUF! let me say that one more time for those that don't get it. WE ARE NOT OUT TO KILL TUF! We just ask that guilds be fair and honest.



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                          lol Seemann BLARG!


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                            I've stated this several times already over several threads: I did carefully consider posting TM's actual IP's. I did the research to discover that he's on a dialup provider with a large block of dynamic IP's to assign. He gets a new IP every time he dials in. I did carefully consider his security when I posted those, and because of the nature of his connection, posting them poses NO risk to him, other than the risk he takes inherent in logging in in the first place. His chances of getting struck by lighting while on the way to cash in his winning lottery ticket are greater than his chances of being hacked at that IP. Seriously, the odds are greater.

                            To the people who call this an "abuse of power", I say again: That information was available to me through other means anyway. Not having been a mod would have changed nothing.

                            Honestly, I like TM, too. I've urged him both publically and in private NOT to scrub TuF. I'd like to see both him and TuF survive and do well. I've even offered any help I can provide in keeping the guild going, provided it's membership is publically known, and all guilds that have a TuF member in them are allowed to decide on their own how to handle it.


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                              Originally posted by -=V12US=-
                              Okay, first of all... LIGHTEN UP!

                              This is just a game, who gives a flying fuck about who's doing what in what guild, were just here to have fun, right? RIGHT?

                              Unless any guild aproaches you for help you don't need to help them, and certainly not with anything that has to do with members aliassing.
                              Fact is, Machine is right and LR is not. Twist it anyway you want, it still is abusing Moderator powers.

                              And Grank, I know you started the post, but Laughingrat was all to eager to show of his shiny new moderator powers.
                              AMEN MY BROTHA!


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                                sigh. has everyone said their peace?

                                yes, good. Perfect. Ingenius. on we go.
                                I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.